Incoming – He Made This


image: from martha0stout’s phone


Robots In Disguise – One-Liner Wednesday

It’s like Beast Wars: Livestock Edition.

My younger brother describing what our eldest nephew did with the chicken Lego set that one of our sisters got him for Easter.

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Here’s the picture I took along with his comment:


image: martha0stout’s phone


Here is another installment from the mind of my eldest nephew. He’s been pushing me to feature more of his Lego Art (he doesn’t call it that, but I do) on my blog. This is one of the sets that he got from my sister. We still had the box even after he was finished, so I was able to include it in the picture.


source: martha0stout’s phone

Lego – A He Made This

My eldest nephew loves legos. He gets sets and then makes them perfectly just like on the box and then takes them apart and makes something else with them. Occasionally he upgrades each thing that he makes with the legos and he’s always very proud about what he’s made. He doesn’t quite have the room to make really big things yet (we’re working on it, because he is really good at this stuff) so he always begins small and each upgrade comes when he has more parts to work with.

He’s been wanting me to share some of his creations on here, and I’ve finally been able to do so.

image: from martha0stout's phone

image: from martha0stout’s phone

That was supposed to be a fire truck, but I didn’t have the camera in the phone when he first got the firetruck box and then later made this.

Silent Night, Halo Night

My eldest nephew has decided to add to the nativity set that I put out this year. He loves to add to things and make them a little bit more than they were before without actually overdoing it too much. (Most of the time, he can get pretty carried away.)

This year he worked for a week making sure that everything was just so for his contribution. It certainly livened up the piano where everything is set up.

Here’s the makeup of our nativity this year:

1 plastic baby in a manger

1 porcelain wise man

2 plaster wise men

1 plaster Mary and Joseph

4 plaster animals

1 plaster shepherd

4-5 Lego Halo guys placed strategically to protect the group from the soldiers of Herod out looking for the newborn Savior