Do All Things With Love

“This is insanity!”

“How can you support this?”

“I knew that we should never have trusted her!”

“What did we expect from a chaos-souled?”

The murmurs and tensions in the room continued to rise with each sentence, many repeating the sentiments that had already been stated again and again.

The Queen sat in silence, listening to her Court and her Advisors as the sound of their voices slowly gained momentum when they were not hushed immediately.

The figure in front of the dais stood straight though stiffly. One could almost see the ice forming along the figure’s outline, though much of it seemed to melt in the heat of the room. The figure hadn’t expected anyone to really understand; to them what she was requesting was cruelty in one of its worse forms.

Her eyes did not waver.

Her lips did not tremble.

The ice on her clothing and the stiffness of her shoulders did not in any lower the determination that thrummed throughout her entire being.

It was this that convinced the Queen that her old friend was doing this for the right reasons. That the figure in front of the dais had not fallen as many others who were chaos-souled had.

She was doing this not only for love but because the only other choice was no choice at all.

Invitations to a new life

Every step in putting together this wedding brings it home to me more and more. The last two sibling weddings that I took part in, it wasn’t…I don’t want to say real, but I can’t think of another word for it. Maybe it’s because this time it’s not one of my older siblings getting married, it’s my baby sister getting married.

This is the young woman who used to beat me up and made me the ‘Queen of Bruises” for the majority of elementary school. This is the young woman who stopped other school bullies from beating me up because she didn’t want to share.

This is the young woman who helped me chase our dog all over our neighborhood and then the one across a main street because he had decided that we weren’t getting enough exercise. He’d run home and wait for us on the front lawn. We actually ran past her future husband’s house every time our dog ran in his neighborhood. (Which was something like twice a week during the school year and almost once a day during the summer.)

This is the young woman who I’ve lived with almost my entire life save for about six months worth and now she’s going to get married and live somewhere else. I won’t see her everyday. She’ll still be close by and within easy walking distance with only one major road and some trax lines between us. But he makes her so happy and she makes him so happy and together they make a kind of sense that I haven’t often seen in the people that I’ve actually known throughout my life.

This whole line of reasoning and thought came because we spent this morning getting her wedding invitations ready to mail out tomorrow. She’ll be a married woman exactly one month from today.