Tied Up in the Internet

I hadn’t realized just how pervasive my reliance on technology had become until it was cut off.

The power was out, had been for going on two weeks. All of my little devices had long since died and there was no way to recharge their batteries. I had never purchased spares in order to cover what I would need. I had also, foolishly it appears, never gotten into the whole solar panels thing in order to keep my electricity going even when the whole grid was off. I had several neighbors who did, though there’d been some kind of technical problem with one of them and the other had moved about a year ago. The house they’d lived in was gone now in preparation for building a new road.

Everything I had was pretty much on my devices: books, games, cards, accounts, all of my information. I’m sure I have some of it on actual paper somewhere, but I’ve been able to get by with only the digital copies for so long that I have no idea where to even begin looking.

I should have really thought about this more thoroughly before I moved out into a small town in the first place, even if that ‘small town’ was gearing up to become a larger town with all of the developments going on.

Just a few thoughts I’ve had recently with having spent a year without using my tech devices as much as I used to before we moved to where we wouldn’t have internet for a while. I’ve gone days without using my laptop at times and felt just fine with it because there wasn’t anything on there that I didn’t have the equivalent of in physical form due to lack of internet.

Maybe we live on the internet a little too much with all the wi-fi and fast service? We’ll never know until it’s not there anymore.

(And my electricity’s been fine and yes I have copies of things on paper and know (mostly) where they are.)

This little thought was what popped into my head with the revisit of the Dungeon Prompt: Freedom in the Modern World.