They accuse me of being unfair, of manipulating them into what I would have them do. All because I have spoken contrary to their wants. Of course I’m not being fair! What in this life is fair? If this life were fair, then I would still have Warren by my side, would not have watched him die and have to pretend I only mourn the loss of an estranged friend and father of my children. If this life were fair, then it is likely I would never have met Warren at all because I would have had no reason to come to this place.

If life were fair, I would not have been eternally lost to my past in order to have a future.

But life isn’t fair and we must use whatever means we have in order to help those who will come after us to survive and, hopefully someday, live. If that means that my children only see me as a manipulative, bitter woman, than that is the price that I am willing to pay for their future.

Sadly, it’s not like any of this means anything to my son. All he sees is his mother refusing to allow him to do something. It doesn’t really matter what that something is at this point, he is a teenager and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to him.

Written for…I have forgotten what I wrote this for. shrugs But it was written all the same and I will post it.

Not Fair

Many say that life is unfair,
At the cost of living many will survive.
Never let it be unsaid that I am unwilling to
Put the worth of others above myself.
Underneath the layers of lies, I hide myself.
Life is not fair, it isn’t supposed to be,
Anyone telling you differently is in it for something.
Teach me how life could be fair, because
Eventually I hope I can make it more so.

It is not the purpose of the world, of life, to be fair. It is the purpose of those of us born in this world to try to make it so through our own actions or inaction.

Written for this week’s Trifecta: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/2014/02/trifecta-week-111.html

But not to be entered, because it just doesn’t feel like the one I want to enter. Anything else wouldn’t come, though. This demanded to be written.