Reasons To Get Out Of Bed – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for lists.

Worth It List

  1. Get to see family
  2. Get to see awesome star quilt made by Mom
  3. Get to sort laundry (it’s soothing)
  4. Get hugs from nephews and niece
  5. Get to walk with Sissy
  6. Get to cuddle with cats more (only one will cuddle in bed with me)
  7. Get to hold fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry
  8. Breakfast
  9. Writing for stories
  10. Sometimes making lists just for fun (and possible use later)
  11. Water sweet mint plant that is somehow still surviving
  12. Watch Minecraft to talk about it later with nephews
  13. Get to sit on the sofa next to kids and read together

There are so many most things that I’d like to put on this list, but if I take too much longer then I will never finish it because it is an ever growing list.

Inspired by a post about Breast Cancer from Get Inspired and by the original Thankful Thursday.



There wasn’t much left of this life, nothing to do and nothing to learn. She was so bored…

When she wasn’t bored, she was angry. She screamed and cried and threw things about the room.

When she wasn’t bored or angry, she was sad. She sat in one place and stared at nothing, her eyes full of tears. Sometimes the tears would break and stream down her cheeks in rivers that left the skin chapped and her eyes sore.

She didn’t have a happy moment, didn’t have a peaceful setting, didn’t have a moment where there was balance.

If everyone had a list of emotions, then hers would be microscopic next to any other list in existence.

But at least she had a list.

There were those who had no list and just sat. Their faces blank of any emotion and any muscle memory to show what kind of person they were even to the simple changes of the environment around them.

image: Ed Webster and sourced from Wiki Commons under Creative Commons

This was inspired by the picture from the Light and Shade Challenge prompt for today. Unfortunately, I did not quite make the 100 word limit. That’s fine though, it simply gives me another reason to write more today.

Things to Remember

First and foremost
Only do what is needed.
Listen to what people aren’t saying.
Listen to how they say what they do.
Order people with respect that you want to be shown.
Wait and calm down before handing out punishments.
The truth isn’t easy to take.
Help people,
Even when you get nothing.
Include people in games.
Never teach hate.
Speak softly,
Tread with caution,
Revenge never ends well.
Understanding is not the same,
Caring can be silent,
The thought doesn’t always count.
sometimes is more important than the we.
On family, all bets are off.
Not coming is not the same as rejecting.
Some things are just too painful to remember.

I tried to keep this within the 100 word limit, but went a little over. This one was a bit more difficult for me to get out so I’m just going to leave it as is. This was for today’s prompt from Light and Shade Challenge.

Dented Bucket List – Don’t Give Up

Recently I… I don’t want to say ‘found’ because I didn’t find this blog. A friend found it and reblogged from it, bringing it to my attention. I’ve seen people get taken down for something that they didn’t do. I’ve seen them be persecuted and prosecuted while being innocent.

People can do their best and still be left with more than the bill, they can get left with the bill while not even knowing they were a part of the party.

Here is my ‘dented bucket list.’

  • Permanently dye my hair bright pink.
  • Litter on purpose.
  • Purposefully kill someone’s plants.
  • Mistake 4 tsp. for 4 tbs…again.
  • Throw an instrument away.
  • Purposefully break/damage another’s property.
  • Abandon someone (human or animal).
  • Burn something down.
  • Give up. Give in to despair.

Even if you lose the fight, don’t let them make you lose your spirit and your hope.

Just A Few Things… – Poetry Prompt #11

Go on now, don’t be late!
Right now we’ve got a small debate
On what we should in the end buy.
Could we do with a little more rye?
Even though we’re almost done
Right now we’ll get chicken to put in the oven.
Yes, my dear we’re on our way to heaven.
So we’ve got to go in a little while
Have lots to do going through the aisle,
Or maybe we’ll grab a bite to eat.
Please don’t forget to pick up flour!
Pick up the apples before the hour.
I know there’s still a lot left to do,
Now don’t forget to get some honey dew.
Great! It’s over! I can rest now too.

Written for this week’s We Drink Poetry prompt:

I just got back from running a few errands with one of my sisters and saw this prompt. It was Destiny, because I usually don’t go on the grocery shopping trips anymore.