Listen, Hear My Words

So I sit and don’t say a word
Perhaps because I have no room
Even to answer a simple questions
Although I do not feel distressed
Keeping in mind there’s more to a conversation than just words.
There is the feel of emotions
Or the turn of a head
My voice is heard
Even as my lips are sealed.

There is a lot more, I have found, to a conversation, no matter the topic, than just the words that are said. I know this because I have hours that sneak up where I cannot talk. Literally. I can picture the words, spell them on a piece of paper, read them, but I cannot get my lips to follow the instructions my brain is sending. Sometimes I can’t read or write or speak. I know some American Sign Language and I know that both my family and I need to learn more because there are increasing times where that is the only way I can communicate.

This was inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Inner Voice from Sreejit’s rewriting of his prompts. Make sure to read his new one for this prompt as well.