Lucky Stars?

“Star, I don’t think this is going to work!”

The arguments had been going on for well over a solar hour. It was driving her nuts and not in a helpful way.

“We need to halt their advance and unless you can come up with something else or find some way to get us reinforcements that don’t actually exist, this is what we’re stuck with!”

She had tried keeping her cool, keeping her voice calm and her face from eventually growing red in anger, but none of her normal emotional controls seemed to be working. And she didn’t have a clue as to why.

She didn’t really have the time to sit and meditate and try to find an answer for why, she just had to do what she always did. Power through the obstacles that she didn’t know existed and hope that the center would hold. That her center would hold.

(She didn’t know that the center had already shattered into a million little pieces. There was no way she would fully know that until she received the message from her Queen or found the time and energy to do an in-depth meditation cycle.

It would likely not come up until the current battle was complete.)

“I’m telling you that this is a suicidal charge!” her companion retorted, “There is little to no chance of survival just dropping down into the middle of them and unleashing everything you have. You’ll burn out before they’re all gone and we’ll be down another fighter!”

She grimaced at him as she’d long lost her ability to smile about anything in this was. “As long as a single star burns in the sky, then I shall not burn out. I may throw myself out of a firm grip on reality, but I will survive.”

“That still-”

“I will not allow them to hold this sector!” she interrupted hotly, “I will not allow them one step further into our territory! I can stop their advance, it will come at a cost, but not one that will harm us in either the long-term or the short-term at this point.”

She drew in a deep breath, but did not apologize as she turned away and looked towards where the sun was setting.

“I will stop them and we will have the time needed to make contact with Control.”

No one said anything as she continued to walk away from the small command structure they’d somehow cobbled together and out into the area around them. The stars peaked out from where they had hidden during the day and a halo of energy gathered around Star.

(This fight would be more costly than she knew.)

Written for the Daily Post’s prompt today even though it doesn’t actually use anything from the prompt but the name. When I started writing, I had meant to use the three wishes thing, but it didn’t play itself into the post. shrugs It got an idea going in my head at least.