She Ignored the Signs

She was done with this, done with everything. She had given it her all and nothing good had come of it. She was tired and ready for it to be all over. To tell the truth, she had been ready for it to be over months ago, but had she stopped then? No, like a dupe she had kept going even when she knew that it wasn’t going to get her anywhere.

She had been lying to herself far more than he ever had. After all, he’d have never been able to lie to her for so long if she hadn’t ignored all the warning songs and allowed this farce of a relationship to continue. She just hadn’t wanted to be alone and so had manipulated every flaw, every moment that pointed out that he wasn’t in it as far as she was in her mind to make them appear as if they were nothing more than negative thinking.

The actual end of the relationship was only bitter because she had held on long after he’d already let go. And no matter what her friends said about how he was scum for dragging this out longer than it needed to, she knew that they were wrong. He had shown signs that he wanted out, but she had ignored them, putting off arguments and conversations that he wanted to have because she didn’t want it to end.

It had ended anyway and while he wasn’t blameless in all of this, neither was she.

Written for this week’s Trifecta challenge (I’m entering this one this time):


Not Fair

Many say that life is unfair,
At the cost of living many will survive.
Never let it be unsaid that I am unwilling to
Put the worth of others above myself.
Underneath the layers of lies, I hide myself.
Life is not fair, it isn’t supposed to be,
Anyone telling you differently is in it for something.
Teach me how life could be fair, because
Eventually I hope I can make it more so.

It is not the purpose of the world, of life, to be fair. It is the purpose of those of us born in this world to try to make it so through our own actions or inaction.

Written for this week’s Trifecta:

But not to be entered, because it just doesn’t feel like the one I want to enter. Anything else wouldn’t come, though. This demanded to be written.