That Moment When…

That moment came at the worst. Possible. Moment.

I had been working on this project diligently for several weeks.


That’s not quite right.

I’d been working on it for years. A little over a decade, in fact, when I realized just what I’d done.

It was horrifying, bewildering, truly terrible. Nights as well as days had been spent working on this manuscript that I had believed was some of my best work and I was so darn proud of the fact that I had consistently been working on not only the story itself but on the creation of the world within the story. So you can imagine my horror when I realized that one of my main characters had the kind of mood-swings that most people attribute to pregnant women in the movies and books (but that I have never actually experienced myself with my many sisters and/or friends who have been pregnant). But she was only like that with one character alone.

The character with the problems wasn’t even close to being pregnant in the story and likely never would be except maybe in some kind of epilogue.

I had to go back and redraft every single moment that had her in it.

I still look back at that and realize that if I’m going to work on any story in the middle of the night when even my cat is looking at me like I’m insane to still be up then I need to close the laptop and go do something else.

This moment in my life was remembered due to the Dungeon Prompt: That Now-I-Get-It-Moment.