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Do you measure up?
Do you measure down?
What is the yard stick,
That you measure yourself to?
Is there anything that you reach for?
She looked up and up and up.
She was the shortest in the house,
That didn’t stop her from piling high
The chairs and boxes until she could reach the top.
She’d make a way to be enough.
He looked down and down and down.
There were so many people there.
They were alone and dirty and sorrowful.
He didn’t let that stop Him from bending down
And pulling someone back up with Him.
They looked at the one stick available.
There wasn’t enough for everyone to work at the same time.
So taking turns, they passed around
The implement needed to complete
The biggest project they had all year.
The smallest person makes the difference,
They can sit and listen, say nothing at all.
They can cry with you, hold you.
Make sure that no matter how small you feel
You aren’t left alone to feel it.
So when you look around you
And see nothing but obstacles.
Remember that you can climb over the top,
No matter how high up they look,
Because it’s not just you alone at the base.

This was partly inspired by Sara Bareilles’s song Brave and also from the Friday prompt for Light and Shade Challenge, though I, once again, went over the 100 word limit.