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Looking Back…

Sometimes she looked back at her past and wondered at herself. “I shouldn’t have jumped out of so many trees.” she’d grumble when her back ached. “Maybe learning to eat strawberries with barbecue sauce wasn’t the wisest food to become … Continue reading

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Childhood Favorites

You can’t beat childhood favorites. –anonymous Matt loved everything about his family. You’d never get him to admit to it, after all, what self-respecting twelve-year-old would admit that they loved spending a nice evening at home with your mother who … Continue reading

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Sunglasses – Thankful Thursday

I loved the sun as a child. My eyes were one of the few in my family that grew accustomed to the brightness level of wherever I was. I enjoyed the coolness of the shade and the way shadows disappeared, … Continue reading

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Memories to Make Together – Eclectic Corner #8

Walk with me through life It will certainly be sweet Together we’ll grow. This was how my newest brother-in-law asked my youngest sister to marry him almost a year and a half ago. He took her to where they met, … Continue reading

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Simple Memories Are What I Have – SoC

As the days go by I found myself Thinking often of the time we shared. There was no other that I would have  As the first to hold my heart. Can’t go back to that time but How I cherish … Continue reading

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Make It Into A Roll

In my senior year of high school I found myself constantly moving. I don’t actually remember sleeping all that much and yet the whole year is a blur of movement and half-awake moments. I had so many credits that I … Continue reading

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Confusing Lyrics – Ramble-y Reminiscence 4

What a laugh it would have been, if Daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night! Spent most of my childhood thinking this song was a prelude to a long divorce process. And Mom and Dad can hardly … Continue reading

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