Mispronounce – One-Liner Wednesday

Hamblurger is how I’m going to say it forever.

When I was young, I pronounced the word ‘hamburger’ as ‘hamblurger.’ Partially it was a mispronunciation from ‘Hamburglar’ which was one of the side mascots from McDonalds, the other half was because it drove my best friend crazy to hear me say it like that.

I was a little brat.

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Today I graduated high school nine years ago.

That’s right, my graduation class was the class of Evil because we graduated on the sixth day of the sixth month in the sixth year after the millennium.


One of the high schools in the Valley was even able to get their graduation ceremony to start 6 seconds and 6 minutes after six o’clock in the afternoon. It was awesome.

Just Another Service

When I first learned how to drive most of my friends were jealous because, as one of the eldest amongst us, I was able to get my permit and then my license first.

“You’re lucky to be free before us” they would tell me. I disagreed.

“Driving isn’t freedom, guys, not in my family.”

Driving in my family is not freedom. It wasn’t when I was a teenager first learning and it still isn’t now that I’m an adult and unable to drive. When we learned to drive it meant that there was another person who could run errands for Mom. It was one more service that you were going to be offering.

My friends at the time didn’t understand, mostly because most of them were either single children or the last child with only one or two older siblings. Only one friend understood even if it didn’t apply to her as the youngest child in her family where everyone was able to drive.

I used to think it was something that those with large families only shared. I mentioned this around my mother, who is the youngest of three and there is a seven year age gap between her and her next closest sibling.

“Mother didn’t drive,” Mom said, “So Dad was really happy when I finally learned how to drive. He used the company car-

(This is actually a thing that does exist, or it did at one point.)

“-so he made me my own copy and I drove the family car on every errand that Mother wanted or needed to go on.”

So it wasn’t just a large family thing after all.

Journals – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for all of the journals that I was given as a teenager. Without them I would have surely run out before now and then I would be left wondering just what I did with my early twenties.

Journal keeping is one of the things that I do to help me with my memory and some of them are hilarious while others make me weep and still others help me realize that I have changed far more than I ever thought possible.

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Useless Instructions

“I can’t get this right!” I was tempted to pull my hair in frustration, but knew that would only make things worse.

“Was wong?”

I glanced over to my side and noticed my youngest nephew had leveraged himself up against my side on the bed and was looking at me with his huge brown eyes. I decided, ‘why not?’ and held the new flip phone out to the 20-month old.

“I can’t figure out how to work this thing.”

“Did yous wead the insructions?” he asked.

I held the little book up and nodded, “They didn’t help.”

“He’e wet me.”

I placed the just out of the box flip phone in his little chubby hand and patiently listened as he explained how to work the first cell phone that he had ever held to me.

Later I would blame my incompetence on the pain medication that I’d been prescribed after the surgery.

This little memory is brought to you by this week’s Light and Shade Challenge photo.

image: courtesy of freeimages.co.uk


To The Left

Take the path you are suited for
Or the path will choose you instead.
The path that you choose will twist and turn,
Help you or hurt you or send in a landslide.
Eventually, you will experience pain.
Leave the pain, don’t carry it with you
Even if you hold it for a while.
Find a moment to set it down
To give your arms some rest.
Remember to put the glass down.
image: found on IWSMT

Inspired by the quote from today’s prompt for Light and Shade Challenge.

The joke behind the ‘to the left’ part is a hike I went on for Girls Camp one year. We had a brand new Stake President and on the 3rd year hike (that I went with as a youth camp leader) we came to a fork in the road. Our Stake President was in charge of the hike and he chose the right. He lost us for over three hours. I fell into a hole at one point during the hike to find where we went wrong. He should have chosen the left.

Blurry Memories

I look around and it’s like a faded snapshot from so very long ago. Some things I don’t even really recognize anymore.

Bed unmade, blankets all bunched up at the end of the bed and hanging off. No fitted sheet in sight and a pillow that looks all turned inside out.

Stuffed animals all over the floor and the bed as well, some of them looking as if they had been dropped at the last minute as a child was playing with them before running off for something else.

Marbles in a little pile on an old re-purposed shelf, the paint on it making it more at ease in a toddler’s nursery than the eight-year-old’s shared room. Shiny rocks, some polished, others only glittering when the light hits them just right.

Books stacked in a precarious stack leaning over. A good gust of wind and the pile will fall onto some unprepared head. It’s fallen over more than once already…

Pictures taped up on the walls showing different things: animals and pictures of Christ, quotes in different styles and even a cards scattered around.

Only my things catch my eyes as everything else seems blurry to my mind’s eyes and even those things of mine start to blur around the edges after a few moment.

This memory was brought to you by FreeWriteFriday’s prompt from a week and a half ago.


To be forgotten is worse than death -Freya, Final Fantasy IX

What do you do when she doesn’t know who you are?

What do you do when she doesn’t know who she is?

Every morning it starts all over again.

Who are you?
Where am I?

You pray and love her and don’t startle her at all.

You love you and don’t want her to fear you.

You are gentle and caring but never overbearing.

Is that my name?
I’m someone’s wife?

It gets harder as the days go by and there is no change.

Memories, new and old, are as tangible as the night sky.

It gets harder to carry one day after day.

Why do you still care for me?
Why do you stay here with me?

But she is as necessary to your life as the air you breath.

You could no sooner send her away than reach into your chest and physically rip out your lungs.

You promised for better or worse.

Why do you love me when I can’t even remember your name?
How is it that I know I love you back?

A promise made is a promise to keep, especially to your eternal companion.

The memories may be gone, but the emotions remain.

You are in this together no matter what.

Written in honor of my brother and sister-in-law. They are some of the most awesome people I have ever had the privilege to meet and know. I pray that the Lord will be with them.


Several years ago one of my sisters was going through teenager-hood and would repeat one phrase over and over and over again because she thought it was witty and hilarious. One of these phrases was “There’s been a terrible accident.”

She would say that after just about everything, but especially whenever someone would as where another person was.

“Where’s Mom?”

“There’s been a terrible accident.”

“Where’s the cat?”

“There’s been a terrible accident.”

“Where did the ice cream go?”

“There’s been a terrible accident.”

She’d even put extra emphasis on the word terrible.

It got incredibly old really fast, but nothing any of us did would make her stop saying it.

So one day, I found a way to get her to stop.

It was a normal day, Mom and I were the only ones home for one reason or another, when the phone rang. It was my sister.

“Martha, is Mom there?”


“Where is she?”

“In the car with Sami.”

“Where are they going?”

“To the hospital.”


“What happened?! Is everything all right!?”

A beat.

“There’s been a terrible accident.”

Dead silence.

Mom was cracking up right next to me the whole time.

“Put. Mom. On. The. Phone. NOW.”

She never used that phrase again.

Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompt: http://theseekersdungeon.com/2014/04/03/dungeon-prompts-season-2-week-14-entertain-with-the-mundane/