Migraine Strikes – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my nephew who helped me out when a migraine struck me randomly this last week. Without that kid, I would have been sunk.

Why does it hurt so?So much light

Too many voices

Not enough sight


Lights and scents mingle

Sight and sound switch places

Mind is lost as action reigns

Repetitive motions lost among faces

Come this way

Take this rag

I’m always here

Don’t be sad

Can’t do anything right

Keep making mistakes

It just hurts so much

Why keep raising the stakes?

Walk around

Get lost

Take a few steps

Don’t think of the cost

Calm yourself down

I won’t lead you astray

Just take my hand

I’ll help you find your way.


Had a migraine start simmering in my skull a few hours ago, but right in the middle of preparing dinner (my turn) it leaped up and struck. My nephew had to lead me away before I accidentally completely demolished dinner because I had no idea what I was doing. Too many scents and too much light. Don’t worry, dinner was saved by my mom who swooped in and finished it.

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EDIT: Link updated on April 11, 2015