Quiet the Mind in the Snow

Don’t stop moving forward
Remember that you can pause to rest
Instinct says to push, push, push
Voice tired and straining to keep up
Even as you stop for a breath
Walking onward and onward
And knowing you can’t do it alone
You remember who works beside you

I like to work, to clean. It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed even as my ability to keep working through the hours has waned, the time I’m able to put into physically cleaning or organizing has shortened.

I was asked once why I like cleaning so much. I thought about it a lot and I realized just why I enjoy it. Moving meditation. I took a meditation class when I was younger and found that I struggled to sit still and clear my mind. There was always something running through my head and I didn’t know how to let the thoughts float away. However, I can let my thoughts go when I’m cleaning something.

Cleaning or organizing lets my body move and lets me focus on letting thoughts drift by instead of feeling the urge to hold onto them. Which is a good thing, considering we have a large driveway to be cleared of snow now, but only have one working snow shovel. I don’t have to clear the whole thing by myself, which is good, because I can’t, but I can work on it and let it help clear my mind.

It makes it easier to go back to studying once I’ve used up my physical energy to the point that my mind is calm once more.