Within Us

Great things exist within each of us

Light and love and joy

Only sometimes we must feel the darkness too

Reality is not all fun and games

It would make the strength to grow weak

Only in adversity can we add depth to the music of our souls

Utilizing what we feel and fear and love for resonance

So listen to the song of your soul, for it tells where you are from and where you will go

Loyalty to the Music – Eclectic Corner #13


image: my sister playing the piano with her husband and child listening; from martha0stout’s phone

Practice makes progress. –my nephew’s t-shirt

Years passed, she grew her hair out, cut it off, bleached it and dyed it kelly green. The coloring grew out and she walked down the aisle of folding chairs towards a stage where she smiled and shook hands with her former principal and received the piece of rolled up paper that she’d worked long and hard to gain.

She applied for university and received admittance. Long days and even longer nights were spent in study and practice.

So much practice.

“Why did I decide to go into Music Education and become a band director again?”

Her roommate shrugged as she flipped another page in her textbook, “You know, I can’t remember. Probably because, out of all of your siblings, you were one of the few who loved learning instruments so much that you went from the piano to the violin to the cello to percussion and at that point, you might have wondered, ‘Well, why not learn them all?'”

This story is based on one of my sisters who did indeed learn most of the instruments that are spread throughout my family rather than just one or two like the rest of us. (She also did that thing with her hair, though I have no idea how it ended up in here.)

This was inspired by this month’s Eclectic Corner #13: Loyalty and yes, I did all three parts of the challenge at once again because that just seems to work best for me at the moment.

A Language Of It’s Own – Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the power of music, for the rise and fall of the rhythm as the measures march on. The crescendos and the decrescendos, the feeling behind the words or the harmony or even just the simple notes of the melody. With lyrics or with just sounds of the instrument, it is a language all on its own and it is full of emotion.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will update the link when able.)

EDIT: Link updated as of July 18, 2015.

Walk Through The Night – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for all the times my mother sang us to sleep as children. She loves music and wrote different lullabies for each of her eight children and some of her friends’ children as well. I have no children as of yet, but I do have ten nieces and nephews and I have sung each of them to sleep at least once using music that my mother used to sing me to sleep with. Sadly I do not have a recording of any of her lovely music, but I do have a song written and performed by Cherie Call that reminds me very much of what my mom did every other night for her children. (It was every other night because she switched off with Dad, who told us stories to lull us to sleep.)

Check out the original Thankful Thursday.

Old Song, New Thoughts

Listening to music is something I have done my whole life. Everyone in my immediate family growing up played at least one instrument besides voice. A lot of us played several and each of us knew how to read piano sheet music to some extent even if we didn’t know how to play it.

I listened to my mom create music from the melodies that she said life was made of. (I’m paraphrasing that in a horrible way, by the way.) She loves music, loves to play whatever comes to mind. She even writes some of it down.

Today, I’m listening to someone play one of my mom’s more complex pieces and realizing that though it isn’t played the same way, it’s still just as heart-stoppingly beautiful. In fact, it’s like hearing something I’ve heard all my life being played in a new arrangement even though it’s not.

It causes me to sit and ponder the meaning of the song, a song that is as much a lullaby that my mother sang to us as played for others, in completely new ways.

Musical Crowd

Music has a certain…something…that reaches into the human heart and brings out our souls.

Music has been a large part of my life since day one. My mother takes time to write little lullabies for each of her children shortly after their births. My father would play music on his record player for us while Mom would sing or hum us to sleep.

This is on my mind for one reason. My niece has taken to listening to her iPod (it’s really her mom’s) on a little speaker plug-in that she got for Christmas last year. One of the songs happened to catch my attention for a bit and I couldn’t help but listen to it even though I had work I was supposed to be doing on the other end of the house.

Sometimes songs that I’ve known since I was a pre-teen sneak up on me with a pow! right to my heart.

You are the one who keeps your dream alive
And you are the one who feels the rhythm deep inside
Do you ever wonder if can make you fly?
But you will never know, if you don’t really try.
There’s so many fast frames
Quick cuts and a million stars
Can make you wonder
Can make you dream ahead from the start
When you know your heart and follow your own destiny
Don’t get lost in the crowd
Be the one to be strong and turn heads around
Even from dark to light
You are the spark
You have the fire
You are the heart
New be a believer
Don’t get lost in the crowd
Look around you,  you may not be
The latest fashion or in a magazine
Or under high profiles but you will be
A sweet inspiration if you got your own style
There’s so many fast frames
Quick cuts and a million stars
Pulling you away from what you really love
If you sing your own song straight from your heart
You’ll find yourself rising above
Don’t get lost in the crowd
Be the one to be strong and turn heads around
Even from dark to light
You have the spark
You have the fire
You are the heart
now be a believer
Don’t get lost in the crowd
‘Cause we live in a world of so many choices
It’s hard to find our own voices
And keep going on from day to day
So get with the earth and get with the sky
Get with the inside
Don’t get lost in the crowd
Be the one to be strong and turn heads around
Even from dark to light
You have the spark and the fire
You are the heart
Now be a believer
Don’t get lost in the crowd
–From Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd by Ashley Ballard