Just a Few Things – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for a few of things:

For my neighbors who kept my dog in their yard after he got out and went for a lovely sprint.

For the end of NaNoWriMo and the fun it was.

For my friends coming to visit me on my farm for the afternoon.

For my nephew leaving me some chips to have with my lunch today.

If you want to see more things people are grateful for, check out the original Thankful Thursday.



More Than One Way To Speak

Vocal is not always the way it works
Or how you let the words out
Infinite are the ways to express
Certainty and determination
Even as you shiver with confusion

NaNoWriMo starts today and wouldn’t you know it, I have laryngitis at the same time my main communication for the month is going to be written.


Too late

Too early

Not enough time

Time enough


Finishing early

Not early enough

Time to rest

Or so I thought


Not able to check in

Counter stopped

Not able to sign off

Frozen without the end




Not this time

Not this year


But I will know

No matter what

The counter says

I will know


So…I did NaNoWriMo this year (like most of my years lately) and I even finished early! (does tiny jig of joy) But I didn’t have access to the internet in order to update the word count or enter in the final numbers before the countdown finished until a week after it was all over. So my official part of the website will show that I almost finished this year and fell short by just a little bit in the crunch time. But I will know that not only did I finish, but that I finished early.

And I thought I would be upset with that, but I find that I’m…not.

I’m not.

(And like all of my posts lately, this was written over a month before it was posted.)

NaNo Closing

Never certain just how it will go

Another year has just seemed to flow

Now that I’m writing for more than just me

Only despair would see me leave it be

Writing has become a part of my soul

Ridding it of the death that once was my toll

I have found joy within the written word

My mind had not known, for my life was once lured

Out of the darkness that once kept me mired, of death and despair I have grown rather tired


Today is the last day of National Novel Writing Month and I have diligently been working on my own contribution for this yearly event. Sadly, I can’t post my word count at the moment because this post, like all of my others, was written almost a month and scheduled several weeks in advance. At the time of writing this post, though, I’m about one fifth of the way to the initial goal which is 50K words. My own personal goal is only about 1/8th complete, but if I follow my schedule (or get ahead of it) then I should be fine. This year was a first draft original story and those always seem to get written faster than the second draft due to the way I have the draft setup. (It only took me three years to find this method, but it was worth it!)

If you’re ever interested in any of the authors who take part in NaNoWriMo, check out the official website. If you ever want to check out my own section, I am under the name SunstarPhoenix. Or if you want to join the site and have some fun yourself, go on ahead (and I’m sorry if you wanted to join, but only found out about it now at the end of the month. That happened to me the first year I found out about it, but that didn’t stop me from trying again following years. They also have events similar to the one month of writing like mad that are run year-round with links on the NaNoWriMo site.)

I’m Finished!


Today is a wonderful day for me because I have finished the month-long challenge for National Novel Writing Month. I will now set aside that draft for at least a month so that I can work on something else. I don’t know what, but it’ll be something else. I need a break from my novel. It was fun to write, but I’m tired.


Not Really Here

Gunpowder, treason and plot
–From a traditional English children’s rhyme
Now it is time again
And of me little will be seen.
November swallow me whole
Of this, I surely know.

‘Tis that time of year again. I’ll be on here sporadically, but I’m working on my Nano novel so anything on here will likely be short.

This little ditty was inspired by the Light and Shade Challenge, which I adore even when I’m super busy.


Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl loved stories of all shapes and sizes. She loved to read them, she loved to hide them under her blankets at night with a flashlight and she loved to write them too. She’d get a few pieces of paper and a pencil and in her shaky, cramped handwriting (that had a lot of misspellings, grammar errors and letter drawn backwards) she would write herself a story.

They weren’t the best stories and they often had very large plot holes and very poorly done character development (with lots of mood swings in the characters), but she was always so proud of her little stories whenever she handed them to one of her parents or older siblings to read.

This little girl grew each year and her love of stories grew as well. Her writing technique and use of the English language got better too.

There were programs and classes on how to do these things and connect with other writers, both older than her and younger. Unfortunately, the little girl’s family did not have the means with which to take part in these programs or classes. That didn’t stop the little girl from writing.

One day, when the little girl wasn’t so little anymore, one of her friends sent her an email with a link for a wonderful program. The not-so-little girl was worried, because every program she’d ever seen before required some kind of fee in order to take part and the not-so-little girl had no money. She was very surprised when she discovered that the program didn’t require a fee from her to join and take part in!

Now that the not-so-little girl is an adult, she has learned so much from this program and found that when she does have a little extra money, she wants to help other little girls or little boys (or not-so-little children) to take part in the program as well.

If you are able, please look up The Stories of Tomorrow. If not able, check out NaNoWriMo anyway. These people are the awesome editors of tomorrow for the writers of the future. They have all kinds of programs to help writers in any genre that you’re interested in.

One Resolution, Three Words

Finish my novel

My resolution for this year is to finally finish the novel I started for Nanowrimo and have been working on ever since. This is the second draft of this story and sometimes I just want to say it’s done even though it’s not just to make it go away.

It’s a fusion world between two series that I watched a lot of back in the 90’s: Sailor Moon and Star Trek. It’s a weird fusion that was inspired by one of the best friends I had as a child. In a way they kind of compliment each other, but also disregard certain things from those two fandoms.

This resolution is brought to you by Trifecta.


Novel Experience

Well, November is over. I had a lovely Thanksgiving and celebrated a wedding and two birthdays. Thanksgiving was very last minute, though I think I mentioned that in an earlier post. What I also did this November was take part in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo or Nano.

This would be the fifth time I’ve participated and the third time that I’ve actually succeeded in the word goal, but the first time I’ve managed to do so without having word prompts and the story written in anthology format. The story itself isn’t finished even if I managed all 50k words. I’m going to work on finishing the story, but I should warn y’all that it’s a fanfiction.

I love to write anything and everything, but I like to practice writing new types of things by trying them out in fanfic format. This is a new attempt for me to write a story that I had already had the bare bones down, but hadn’t written out as a chapter-layout story. I’m ridiculously pleased with myself for this attempt even though I’m still working on finished the story.

I likely won’t post this year’s Nano offering here as I post my fanfiction works on fanfiction.net, but try to keep the two accounts separate from one another. I try to post only my original work here. I might post one of the first two attempts for Nano and/or maybe parts of the third attempt as they were are all original works.

Just felt the need to write about Nanowriom.