Now, little pup, it’s time for your bed

And surely you need to rest your wee head

Perhaps just a bit more time to play before you lay down for your nap today.


Like all toddlers, my puppy doesn’t want to go down for his nap, which he needs or he’s likely to become a little terror the more tired he gets.


Nap Time

She was tired.

She snorted and slipped further into her funk.

Of course she was tired! She was always tired! This was the kind of thing that was common  when you were a single parent with no one to count on!

Again, she snorted, but this time she heard the sound of the washing machine click off. She didn’t really have the time to sit and complain when there were things she needed to get done while her daughter was taking a much needed nap.

Now if only she could take a nap herself…