Correction! – Random Moments

“It bended the fork!”
“Bent, it bent the fork.”
“It bented the fork.”
–my nephew and me
 “First I have to add then round then use compatible numbers. It’s pretty simple.”
“Okay, then do it.”
“Um, what did I say again?”
–my nephew and me
“I’m all done!”
“Did you remake Granny’s bed?”
“So you changed the sheets?”
“And you used the clean sheets I left on her walker?”
“Those were the new ones?”
–eldest nephew and me

Practice Makes Progress

Softer now
One step up
Until it’s needed again
Not going over
Do practice

Well, it’s been half a year since my nephew started playing the trumpet (he’s using my younger sister’s trumpet now and is a lot more careful than he was before, thank goodness) and he’s really sounding pretty good.

Through the Cold Night -Thankful Thursday

So, yesterday,  my eldest nephew and I were going to finally finish the new pig pen before it snowed last night and into today. While we were over there getting the first of the last four panels ready, he heard cheeping.

But there were no birds anywhere around us.

So Chris looked over the fence between our yard and our neighbor’s calf yard (which is currently empty).

“Martha! Martha! Look!”

I glance over the fence and there I see it too.

Our broody hen that went missing had eight little chickies following her around the pen our neighbor puts bulls in when they get hurt or sick. (It was currently empty as well, thank goodness.)

Chris climbed the fence while I got a box and went around the long way. (I was not climbing that fence, no sirree.) It took us a bit, but we finally caught the chickies and the mama. We had to let the mama go, because we found her nest where she was still spending most of the day sitting on eggs. (She must have been on break with the littles. I’ve seen her do that before when she still had eggs to brood over.

We moved the eight little chickies into a nice brooder box (after hurriedly assembling one) and put them in the garage with the bunnies and some nice heat lamps and prayed that they would survive the sudden drop in temperature that was coming last night.

They made it. (Their mom also returned to her broody nest that we weren’t going to try and roust her from. Hens peck something fierce.)

So today I am grateful that Chris heard the chickies yesterday. (Even if we still haven’t finished the pig pen and now must do so in the snow.)

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Here is another installment from the mind of my eldest nephew. He’s been pushing me to feature more of his Lego Art (he doesn’t call it that, but I do) on my blog. This is one of the sets that he got from my sister. We still had the box even after he was finished, so I was able to include it in the picture.


source: martha0stout’s phone

Twelve Years – Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow is my sister’s youngest son’s twelfth birthday. I’ve lived with him for all of his life (baring two months) and I’ve watched him grown and change and become the young man he is today—er tomorrow.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m glad that I’ve gotten to watch him grow up. He hasn’t been a perfect angel by any stretch of the imagination but somehow I think that’s better because he’s forced me to grow in ways that I hadn’t thought of until long after they’d happened.

I’m grateful for this young man in my life.

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