Quality Time – Thankful Thursday

I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with my sister’s youngest boy this week and I’m really glad. We’ve had a lot of fun and gotten quite a bit of work done as well. His siblings have spent the last week visiting other family members in the next valley over so it’s just been us during the day.

We’ve had a lot of fun.

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Break Time! – One-Liner Wednesday

You are going to be killed by hunger or by bad things and lose all our meat and wool.

What I just said to my nephew while we play Minecraft together while on break from constructing our new rabbit run.

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Correction! – Random Moments

“It bended the fork!”
“Bent, it bent the fork.”
“It bented the fork.”
–my nephew and me
 “First I have to add then round then use compatible numbers. It’s pretty simple.”
“Okay, then do it.”
“Um, what did I say again?”
–my nephew and me
“I’m all done!”
“Did you remake Granny’s bed?”
“So you changed the sheets?”
“And you used the clean sheets I left on her walker?”
“Those were the new ones?”
–eldest nephew and me

Practice Makes Progress

Softer now
One step up
Until it’s needed again
Not going over
Do practice

Well, it’s been half a year since my nephew started playing the trumpet (he’s using my younger sister’s trumpet now and is a lot more careful than he was before, thank goodness) and he’s really sounding pretty good.