Sometimes the Lord must brings us low before He can lift us higher. -Joseph Smith

For I have gone and hurt myself
Almost as deep as bone
Lost in the pain and darkness
Lo! I do not weep alone.

Right by my side I find
In my heart a warmth
Soft and gentle, loud and clear
Even as I soar.


Not Without

For I have found

As a child raised by a mother

That life is never so clear cut

Having a father only every other week

Even as then I had no mother

Reality was that I was never really without

Listening quietly to the back of my mind

Especially in times of fear

Sinking into my lonely heart

Soothing whispers of love from On High


I have found that I don’t like the phrase ‘fatherless child’ or ‘motherless child,’ because I believe that all were born from Heavenly Parents who sent us down to Earth to have earthly parents and to learn and grow. So even when we live in homes with only one parent or the other, we still have Parents who love us and want to help.

It’s just that sometimes we need to learn to ask for that help.

Not Alone

I fell…
It wasn’t sudden,
I could feel it coming.
But I tried,
Oh how I tried!
To keep standing.
It didn’t work…
Or rather,
It only worked a little.
My legs gave out
And my arms grasped what was close
Staying up was anything but a coast.
Then arms wrapped around me
Lifted me up
And in safe arms I didn’t have to gulp.

Winter Life

Many people see winter as death or at least, as hibernation for the world. I have always seen it as the time of life. I am born in the winter, though for a long time I was the only one in my rather large family.

Then, one year, things started to change.

I had first one sister get married in the winter. It was a beautiful day in February a week before Valentine’s was even a consideration. The iced over grounds around them in their wedding picture have signs of life peeking out from under the snow.

Then, my brother was married a year later, also in February. My year-long brother-in-law followed the new newly-weds around, snapping pictures of them. There weren’t as many plants peeking up from under the snow this year, but the joy in their eyes was newly-born after years of hardships before they found one another.

A nephew was born at the beginning of winter. His bright blue eyes shine whenever he works on his many projects. Hours spent on something only to give it away to the first person who shows a love for it as great as his. I have never met a more generous soul than a birthday boy who is willing to share a small cake given him to those who happened to come by on a day that has been hard for them.

A niece was born with bright golden hair. Her laugh is one that truly brings new life to a room and gives new energy to a grandma suffering from chronic fatigue and a stroke. Her wonder at everything around her, though she has been in the world for years already, never seems to wane.

Another wedding, several months in the making for the youngest daughter in a family of 8 and her fiance. The wedding, being in November is an autumn theme wedding where the only things not in autumn color are the bride and the groom. The glow of their new life together shines brighter than any newborn star.

Amongst my new siblings-in-law I am not alone as the only adult birthday. My sister-in-law and newest brother-in-law share the winter with me.

Every spring and summer month held a family birthday all my life growing up. Winter was seen as mostly death and hibernation in my family, but now it is teaming with new life and new families that have started.


Written for FreeWriteFriday.

This is submitted a day late because my eldest nephew had his birthday party yesterday. It was supposed to be small and somehow ended up with something like 20 kids when there was only supposed to be 9. It was totally worth it and we ended up having enough for everyone anyway!

Never Alone in the Night

The dark itself has never scared me. It has, instead, been a comfort to me as it envelopes me because it wraps around me like a velvet blanket of peace. The dark of the night is simply the sun taking a break, but still not leaving us completely alone. It’s light still comes to us via the sun’s long-time friend the moon and it’s siblings in the night sky the stars.

Even on a cloudy night or a night where there is no moon and too much light pollution to see the stars I know that they are there. Just because I can’t see them doesn’t mean I don’t believe that they are there, watching over me. It’s very much how I think of the Lord. Even when I can’t see Him, I know that He is there and watching over me to keep me safe so long as I heed whatever warnings HE is able to send me.

There are many ways He can do that, many are completely explainable through scientific means. To me, this doesn’t mean that I don’t see His hand in them. He already knows all about the natural laws that govern our world, why shouldn’t He use them when He needs to do something. The only thing about natural laws that change is our own understanding of them, not His. This brings me as much comfort as my knowledge of the stars in the sky at night.

It is never truly dark out unless we refuse to acknowledge the stars that glitter in our night sky.


This is a day late as I had problems with understanding what the prompt said yesterday. (Yesterday was very hectic and I missed a lot of things until I was falling asleep and so I just figured I’d handle it in the morning…where lots of other things happened to put me off my computer until now.)

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