Not Quite One-on-One Spar

Neal grinned and laughed out loud when his charge swung at him. He ducked, well away from the violent attack that the teen had let loose.

“You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that to get me!” he called as he charged an attack of his own and sent it at her legs. She jumped out of the way just in time, though the hems of her pants were smoking slightly from where the cold fire had caught the edges.

He doesn’t even blink when she retaliates, but is surprised when another attack manages to knock into him after he’s just dodged the arrow from the now grinning teenager.

“You should expect others to back me up when I’m fighting, Neal!” she crows as one of her friends, who he hadn’t even noticed sneak up behind him, takes him out.

“This was supposed to be a one-on-one spar to improve your skills!” he complains.

“Aren’t you always telling me I need to use whatever or whoever is available in a fight?”

“This wasn’t one of our skirmishes!”

“You didn’t say I couldn’t have help, you just told your sisters not to help me out. Justine isn’t one of your sisters.”

Neal huffs in mock irritation.

This is just a little snippet from waaaay long ago for the Former Guardian ‘verse,  back before Neal went off the deep end or Solaris was even out of her teens.