Mayhaps you did not understand
I shall try to explain it again
No, you may not take him
Even though he may need you too.

What I’m pretty certain one of our bucks said to me after I went and picked up Oreo to burp him yesterday when it was cold and he had bloated again. (He’s fine!) Cowboy (the one who would be speaking in the poem) seems to think that Oreo belongs to him and follows me everywhere whenever I pick that little goatling up. Had to walk around the bucks’ pen, trying to avoid being knocked over by Gabriel (our one full grown and very affectionate buck) while burping Oreo with Cowboy trailing us and giving me the evil eye if I went anywhere near the gate while holding little Oreo.

Cowboy only nuzzled me in greeting after I put Oreo down and he could check that the little goatling was okay.