Life Happens – Thankful Thursday

If we’re ¬†brave enough to not be victims.

–Must Be This Tall To Ride

I’ve had a lot happen to me in my life. I’ve had a lot happen to my family and not just me, but when I read the blog post this morning called How To Never Have Bad Days, the above quote just jumped out at me.

I’ve never thought of it that way. Things are going to happen to you, to me.¬†Life is going to happen.

It’s something that my family always says when we end up being the one having to wait any amount of time for something. An hour’s wait for an appointment because the doctor got called away that morning to an emergency? Life happens. Friend and/or family had to cancel at the last minute plans that were months in the making because of something else? Life happens.

I am a firm believer that Life is going to happen at the most inconvenient time whenever it feels like it, because no matter what we try the simple truth is that we are not in control. So Life is going to happen and you just have to roll with it (or not, it’s up to you.)

But having things happen and being a victim of circumstance is not really the same thing. You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be. This does not mean that nothing bad will ever happen to you because of the actions or inaction of someone else.

You don’t have to be a victim.

It is your choice.

So today, I am grateful for the blogs of others and the things that they teach me because there are some things that I’m not going to think of, but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

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