“It’s been so long,” she whispered as she looked out over the sleeping city before her.

Star wanted to see her sister, wanted to view her happiness with her own eyes.


“You cannot seek her out, not even should you stumble upon where she lives. You must do everything you can to avoid her.”

She knew that being able to see her sister would not fix what she had done. It wouldn’t matter that Star had done it to save her sister, to give Comet a chance at more than a little room with padded walls and eternal suppression cuffs. She had still cut her sister off from the only people she had ever known. She had sealed any and all abilities that they had been born with and had cast her out of the Fold.

“No, I did more than that.” A tear streaked down her cheek as she turned away from the city sprawled out in front of her.

She looked back at the mountain range behind her. She was standing on one of the ledges that had a perfect view over most of the city before her. The sky had long since gone dark, but no stars remained view-able due to the light pollution emanating from the city below. Star didn’t know the name of the city, didn’t even really know where it was located on this world. It was up in the mountains, but close enough to some kind of delta or bay to have access to one of the oceans.

Star couldn’t take the time to find out the geography of every world she would go through. She would never have the time needed to complete her task if she did.

With a heavy heart, she leaped off the ledge she’d been standing on and up into the air, darting over the mountains and away from the city that she could feel the barest brush of her sister’s soul within.

“You don’t understand what you are doing, Star,” her Queen spoke softly, gently, “but one day you will.”

Written for last Friday’s FreeWriteFriday: http://kellieelmore.com/2014/03/14/fwf-free-write-friday-ponder-this-3/

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write for this prompt and I missed it dearly.