How do you take your life drink?

So let me get this straight,
How you are going to come along
And make my mind up for me?
Keep walking, man, I’ve got nothing to say,
Ending this ‘discussion’ is about all on my plate.
Not going to buy what you’re selling.
Now keep in mind
Or forget if you will,
That my life is my own, not yours.
So I’ve got my life ahead
That means I’ve got to plan.
I need to make decisions
Rreal or imagined.
Rarely will it run smooth
Even when my ducks are in a row.
Don’t let me forget my optimistic hope.
Shake well before opening
– instructions on a milkshake bottle.

This little thing, while over the 100 word limit, is as succinct as it would let me be. It was inspired by the prompt yesterday from Light and Shade Challenge. I have a bit of a cold, so though I know I usually write another when I don’t hit the word limit correctly, I likely won’t today. My bones are cold. It’s a very strange feeling and I don’t like it, but it’s what my cold is giving me at the moment.



There wasn’t much left of this life, nothing to do and nothing to learn. She was so bored…

When she wasn’t bored, she was angry. She screamed and cried and threw things about the room.

When she wasn’t bored or angry, she was sad. She sat in one place and stared at nothing, her eyes full of tears. Sometimes the tears would break and stream down her cheeks in rivers that left the skin chapped and her eyes sore.

She didn’t have a happy moment, didn’t have a peaceful setting, didn’t have a moment where there was balance.

If everyone had a list of emotions, then hers would be microscopic next to any other list in existence.

But at least she had a list.

There were those who had no list and just sat. Their faces blank of any emotion and any muscle memory to show what kind of person they were even to the simple changes of the environment around them.

image: Ed Webster and sourced from Wiki Commons under Creative Commons

This was inspired by the picture from the Light and Shade Challenge prompt for today. Unfortunately, I did not quite make the 100 word limit. That’s fine though, it simply gives me another reason to write more today.

Not Her Anymore

He travels the fastest that travels alone. –Rudyard Kipling

She wasn’t Star anymore, hadn’t been called by that name since she’d left her Queen and her home.

(Sometimes it felt like she hadn’t really been Star since Comet had left, but there were years between her sister’s departure and her own so it couldn’t be that, surely.)

She was tired, but not physically. Her Queen had made certain that she would never have those kinds of problems once more and she very carefully didn’t think of the tiny piece of Solaris’s own personal Crystal hidden within the cracked cavity of the shared Crystal of the Star and Comet Guardians. So long as she was able to have even a smidgen of light reflect nearby, she’d be full of energy and not tire.

It was her mind that was tired.

She’d been on this journey for so long and been so very alone throughout it all.

But she wasn’t going to turn back. Hadn’t turned back during all the times it had been offered and though she knew that many would never begrudge her taking a companion or even turning back entirely after doing this, hunting this, for so long she would never forgive herself.

“I travel fastest when I don’t have to worry about anything but my task. The last time I traveled with another, it only brought pain and sorrow. I will not make that mistake again.”

The woman clad in crimson closed her eyes for a split second before leaping away, eyes now open and continuing her journey.

The smoking ruins of the town below continued to smolder in the light breeze behind her.

Inspired by today’s prompt from Light and Shade Challenge and now that I’ve remembered to check, I have missed the word limit part of the challenge. Again.

I do that a lot, don’t I?

Things to Remember

First and foremost
Only do what is needed.
Listen to what people aren’t saying.
Listen to how they say what they do.
Order people with respect that you want to be shown.
Wait and calm down before handing out punishments.
The truth isn’t easy to take.
Help people,
Even when you get nothing.
Include people in games.
Never teach hate.
Speak softly,
Tread with caution,
Revenge never ends well.
Understanding is not the same,
Caring can be silent,
The thought doesn’t always count.
sometimes is more important than the we.
On family, all bets are off.
Not coming is not the same as rejecting.
Some things are just too painful to remember.

I tried to keep this within the 100 word limit, but went a little over. This one was a bit more difficult for me to get out so I’m just going to leave it as is. This was for today’s prompt from Light and Shade Challenge.


Mary held the man’s hand in her own and slipped a simple golden ring onto one finger before kissing him on the forehead. She stood up and stepped away from his crumpled body. She took a step towards the man in front of her.

He watched her take several more steps forward, his yellow eyes watchful.

“I know you, sir, and I would like to buy your contract.”

The man didn’t say anything, merely nodded his head in the direction of another man, this one blonde and looking more slight than he.

Mary nodded, “I will buy his contract as well, if that is what you wish.”

The man in front of her smiled.

“I admire your audacity in trying to hire my men away from me while I’m right here.”

Mary simply turned and looked at the new man in front of her. The other men stopped moving, the first one, the one she’d spoken to, had a flash of something in his eyes before it was hidden away behind his stoic facade.

The new comer wore a three piece suit, his hair neatly combed back from his face. He looked confident, unconcerned with what his lackeys and his mark had been conversing about. Like there was no way his men could turn on him, not because they were loyal but because they had much more to lose should they turn on him.

“I have much more than simple audacity.” Mary whispered as a wind started to slowly tug at her hair and clothing, slowly growing in intensity.

A quick glance from those standing around Mary or behind her showed that no one was really certain where it was coming from. The skies were clear and no one else were making any kind of gestures that would bring about the surge of power, pure unadulterated power that was growing.

“Oh this is too precious,” the cultured man smiled mockingly, “You truly think you have the ability to stop me.”

“I don’t think anything.”Mary continued to whisper, but everyone present could hear her voice as if she were whispering it directly in their ears. “I know it.”

I had started this installment last week, actually, but I couldn’t find the ending until I read the Friday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge today. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the word limit requirements, but i’m going to keep it as is anyway.


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Do you measure up?
Do you measure down?
What is the yard stick,
That you measure yourself to?
Is there anything that you reach for?
She looked up and up and up.
She was the shortest in the house,
That didn’t stop her from piling high
The chairs and boxes until she could reach the top.
She’d make a way to be enough.
He looked down and down and down.
There were so many people there.
They were alone and dirty and sorrowful.
He didn’t let that stop Him from bending down
And pulling someone back up with Him.
They looked at the one stick available.
There wasn’t enough for everyone to work at the same time.
So taking turns, they passed around
The implement needed to complete
The biggest project they had all year.
The smallest person makes the difference,
They can sit and listen, say nothing at all.
They can cry with you, hold you.
Make sure that no matter how small you feel
You aren’t left alone to feel it.
So when you look around you
And see nothing but obstacles.
Remember that you can climb over the top,
No matter how high up they look,
Because it’s not just you alone at the base.

This was partly inspired by Sara Bareilles’s song Brave and also from the Friday prompt for Light and Shade Challenge, though I, once again, went over the 100 word limit.