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She shuddered and opened her eyes. It was dark and there was little light. As she lay in the car, she recognized very little of it. The windows were cracked and glass lay about her. The metal of the car was twisted around her body in a mockery of an embrace. She wasn’t hurt too badly or, if she was, she couldn’t tell. Considering how her head was ringing it was likely that she was suffering from, at the very least, a concussion.

Which would explain partially why she couldn’t remember how she’d come to be in this position. She couldn’t even turn her head in order to see if there was anyone with her and her ears were ringing too loudly to hear anything either.

“Is anyone here?” she called out and then stopped, “Never mind,” she mumbled, hoping to stop the louder ringing and now spinning that she had subjected herself to with her yell.

No one answered, so it was just as well.

She was able to see the outside sky a little and she marveled at the string of stars and the strange streak that went right through them.

‘The Milky Way is far more gorgeous than I ever imagined,’ she thought to herself.

This wasn’t the last time she would ever see the lights above her, but it was the first time she would see a shooting star seem to land next to her.

“I’m going to get you out of there.”

Tonya smiled at the angel, surely it was an angel to be able to glow like that, who was reaching through the twisted metal and broken glass towards her.

Tonya was still smiling when the angel’s hand touched her head and everything went dark.

Written for Light and Shade’s Friday Challenge:

Though I have once again missed the target word count (100 words) and gone over it…

I’m just so wordy…

Saturday Morning Stalls

She smiled as she moved through the stalls, listening to the people all around her as they haggled over the different wares. She stopped next to a small stand whose proprietor had wondered off. The box in front of her held a variety of vegetables, but no fruits. The food in front of her was freshly picked and had little to no bruising on any part that she could see.

She rummaged through one of the less conspicuous pockets on her person (actually, most of the pockets were inconspicuous; most people, if asked, would state that she had no pockets at all in her strange outfit) for enough local currency to purchase anything. Once she’d extracted a few very wrinkled bills and had sorted through them quickly, counting what she had, she looked up and into the face of the stall’s owner.

She hadn’t noticed him returning, but that mattered little. She pointed to a few things, not knowing the correct language to use and proffered her money. The man’s eyes brightened and he picked a few things out of the box. Money and vegetables exchanged hands and she wandered down through the rest of the stalls munching on a carrot with a beet in her other hand.

Written for Light and Shade’s Friday Challenge:

Though I failed at keeping below the 100 word count…