The Golden Rule

People demand something in return

Even as others they spurn,

Not keeping in mind that all are as they

And deserve to be treated in the same way.

Now keep this in mind

Could you like others this find,

Especially those of a like mind?

This little poem was inspired by some of my eldest nephew’s homework.


Never Ceasing

Death is everywhere. -Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning’s Return

She didn’t look around, didn’t bother to wince at the desolation that surrounded her.

The dirt was barren and dry, the plants long since turned to dust and empty buildings with debris lay scattered in broken pieces across the countryside. In some places were the bones of things that had once been living, breathing, thinking creatures. Whether they were human or some other form of sentient life, she didn’t know.

She didn’t want to know.

But it was highly likely that she would, in the end.

She was always going to learn about the places that she had allowed to be destroyed. This was part of her never ceasing penance.