All In A Day’s Work

May 10th…
There is a lot that can happen in a day:
For some it’s Mother’s Day early!
For others it’s a day to remember the fallen,
When Scotland recognized Kind Edward I,
When the infamous Tea Act was passed!
When France gained a new king and queen,
When the Rebels gained fort Ticonderoga,
Wedding of the Rails, World’s First Transcontinental Railroad!
So much that can happen, 
Many big things and small…
Somethings may succeed
While others will fall:
First woman nominated for U.S. President,
Books burned in World War II,
A parachutist drops in to try and negotiate the end of WWII.
Still others give us nothing but hope!
Showing the world that we can more than cope:
South Africa inaugurates Nelson Mandela,
One World Trade Center stands proud and tall,
Iconic Bruce Banner makes his debut,
National Gallery in London publicly opens,
Mother’s Day observed for the first time in the U.S.
So many things can happen,
A life can begin,
A life can end,
Whoever it is
And whatever they do,
Remember that it all begins,
With one day…

Written when I became curious about what Wikipedia would bring up when I typed in ‘May 10.’ It was a surprising read through and I only skimmed a little of what has happened today in the past.



It’s been Ten days.

Ten days since March 22.

Ten days since a mudslide changed a community forever.

Houses were lost, people were lost, homes were lost.

One Hundred and Seventy-Six people missing at first.

The death toll numbers rose slowly.






Members of the medical examiner’s office work tirelessly for hours to identify the remains.

The remains.

Such simple words that mean more than they initially appear.

Workers, dogs, people, friends and neighbors.

All are searching for just one more person.

Hoping to find them alive.

Praying to find them at all.

My prayers go out with them.

These people who push on as the numbers keep turning.

Written in honor of those who continue to search in Washington.