(*Dies*) – Random Rambling Snippet

Excuse me while I go die on my bed.

We got railroad ties to make the fencing for the pig pen (it should actually keep them out of the goats this winter) and there is so much digging going on as we hurry to put them in the ground so they have time to settle before we put the rest of the fencing up before we get the pigs later this month.

We really need to get something on wheels that hauls heavy things from the front of the house to the very. Back. Of. The. Lot.

In other news at least it’s no longer sweltering here at night.

Done in Time

Hours working in the rain

Comes down hard

Comes down light

Can’t make up its mind

Almost like it hasn’t one

But is simply a force of nature instead


The fence is up

The roof’s just fine

Now only if I can

Finish the gate in time

Then get it screwed on

With a brand new hinge


The pigs are coming today

Right after sister’s off work

She’ll drive on down

Pick them up in town

And bring them to

Their home that’s new

If you can’t tell, we had to finish the pig yard today while it was raining because it needs to be done in time for the pigs arrival this evening.