Pleased With The Mirror Image

Looking in the mirror and twirling a strand of hair,
Usually something that I don’t stand to care.
Silly, I’d always thought it, to spend so much time
Curling my locks which without it looked just fine.
It shouldn’t be such a surprise to find I like the view
Or think that it might be worth the effort I normally eschew.
Unless I decide I like that jacket too
Since I know that now I can appreciate the view.

This was inspired partially by my picture in the post Leather and Red Hair – Eclectic Corner #2 and also because the lovely Justine over at Eclectic Odds n Sods asked where my poem was with that post! (I had honestly forgotten to include one, Justine, I’ve been so busy at home lately! Thank you for reminding me. (grins))

So if we’re allowed to have two posts go for the Eclectic Corner #2 prompt of Decadence, then here is my other half.