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Guard Dog

Because All Residents Know I will protect them This little thing popped into my head while my dog Vincent was chasing a skunk away from the hen house a few minutes ago. He does regular round around the property at … Continue reading

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Take a Breath

For I have found my loneliness Infinite and sure Now it has left me behind Dancing away in history’s arms My go-to thing to help when I am troubled has been music or words my whole life. I’m not talented … Continue reading

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Broken Hallelujah

Lost in the moment I forgot about the past My body remembered just fine Perhaps the future should’ve been important too There’s only so much the human body can take.

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Pain is a Teacher

Take each moment as it comes Reaching once more Yearning to find more Insight given and yet lost Not going to back down Going to stand once more

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Blink of an Eye

So many things never make sense Allowing thoughts to wander Finding moments of insight Even as the details blur away Taking with them much Yet leaving clarity behind  

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Not in Sight

Foundations rattled Occupied, yet not Currently lost in space Utilizing last known coordinates wisely Sharply bringing everything, only now lost I hate it when I have a cold. It took me literally all day to get this written and I … Continue reading

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Making the Same Moves

Insanity called hope. Moving forward Ever onwards Fearful heart Eyes wide Step by step Endlessly in front Skips a beat Tears glisten within Not going to stop Do not turn back Blood pulses through wounds Tracks laid down cheeks Have … Continue reading

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