Walking Through Life – Poetry Prompt 24

Life is a fragile thing
Never forget that
Even when smiling.
You build up walls
Higher and higher
To keep out those who would make you fall.
Friendship is more than a note
Played out in a song
You hear over your mote.
It is something strong
Will give you peace
Even when both sides are wrong.
Friends will come and go
Flitting in and out of your life,
But those you give your heart will not cause that woe.
There are many levels in this being
Friends for fair weather
And friends for the traumas you’re seeing.
Life is not the only fragile thing,
Friendships can leave you
Without another being.
A part of you gone
With nothing and no one to help you,
Forevermore alone.
But don’t let this stop you from finding another
To share life’s walk
Through trial and error.


Written for yesterday’s Pooky’s Poem prompt: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/poetry-prompt-24-fragile-friendships/

And because this is something that I have seen throughout my life and yet I would not stop meeting new friends because you cannot go through this life alone.