Just A Few Things… – Poetry Prompt #11

Go on now, don’t be late!
Right now we’ve got a small debate
On what we should in the end buy.
Could we do with a little more rye?
Even though we’re almost done
Right now we’ll get chicken to put in the oven.
Yes, my dear we’re on our way to heaven.
So we’ve got to go in a little while
Have lots to do going through the aisle,
Or maybe we’ll grab a bite to eat.
Please don’t forget to pick up flour!
Pick up the apples before the hour.
I know there’s still a lot left to do,
Now don’t forget to get some honey dew.
Great! It’s over! I can rest now too.

Written for this week’s We Drink Poetry prompt: http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/05/26/poetry-prompt-11-list/

I just got back from running a few errands with one of my sisters and saw this prompt. It was Destiny, because I usually don’t go on the grocery shopping trips anymore.

Walking Through Life – Poetry Prompt 24

Life is a fragile thing
Never forget that
Even when smiling.
You build up walls
Higher and higher
To keep out those who would make you fall.
Friendship is more than a note
Played out in a song
You hear over your mote.
It is something strong
Will give you peace
Even when both sides are wrong.
Friends will come and go
Flitting in and out of your life,
But those you give your heart will not cause that woe.
There are many levels in this being
Friends for fair weather
And friends for the traumas you’re seeing.
Life is not the only fragile thing,
Friendships can leave you
Without another being.
A part of you gone
With nothing and no one to help you,
Forevermore alone.
But don’t let this stop you from finding another
To share life’s walk
Through trial and error.


Written for yesterday’s Pooky’s Poem prompt: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/poetry-prompt-24-fragile-friendships/

And because this is something that I have seen throughout my life and yet I would not stop meeting new friends because you cannot go through this life alone.

Dust Bunny, Hop Hop – Poetry Prompt 14

Dirt will puff with the lightest of touch
Unless of course the scent comes out
So don’t complain when by she will slouch
There really is no need to shout.
Because she will rub up against you
Until you smell as dusty and she does.
Next her mother will come on around,
Necessary it will be, for she will tongue bath you.
Yes she will try to reach all around, but still you’ll smell dusty.

Written for another of Pooky’s poetry prompts: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/poetry-prompt-14-describe-a-smell/

My cat’s name is Usako, which means baby bunny, as she had rather large ears as a kitten would spend most of her time jumping around. As an adult, she likes to roll around in the dry dirt out back and then come in. It’s not always easy to tell when she’s done this as she’s a grey and orange and white cat. (She’s mostly grey.) So, she’s my little ‘dust bunny.’

Honored Forgiveness – Poetry Prompt 18

Once upon a time, there was a woman,
Now don’t mix this up with tales of princesses
Even though it sounds like one.
Each time this woman had troubles with her sisters
She would say, “It is not that object that is important, it is the relationship.”
At times she wanted to through in the towel;
“Maybe this will be the end of it all,” she’d sadly say.
Always she would slowly heal and forgive instead.

Inspired by Pooky’s poetry prompt for today: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/poetry-prompt-18-admiration-acrostic/

Oneesama, or correctly Onee-sama, it Japanese for honored older sister. I wrote this about one of my elder sisters who always says that the relationship she has with her siblings is more important than just about anything else. She works hard to forgive and move on and stay close because of the bonds of family and love. It’s not always easy (in fact, it’s often very difficult) but it is so important to her to try. I have greatly admired this trait in her and when I saw this prompt, I knew what to write about right away.

I did enjoy that the prompt used my favorite type of poem, an acrostic, which y’all have probably noticed is the predominate style I use on my blog.

Never Over – Poetry Prompt 16

So that time is almost over again!
Come see the end of what we began.
How those days dragged on,
Or in the blink of an eye, they were gone.
Only now that I look back
Longing shows me what I lack.
Best days of my life.
Don’t forget walking between classes with friends.
Always remember that I learned from the ends,
Yet remember that those days are now gone.
So keep in mind what you had all along.

Written for Pooky’s Prompt for yesterday: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/poetry-prompt-16-school-days/

School had a lot of interesting phases for me. Elementary school was a time of bullies and learning not to let the other kids get to me while also learning everything else. Middle school was about learning that people might still try to bully you, but that they lacked the imagination of kids in the younger grades (still don’t know why that was), but also learning that everything I learned in elementary school had a lot more to teach me while making me learn to accept that each teacher has a different set of rules. High school taught me that things are going to be hard, some times will be harder than others, but that it’s worth the end goal of being able to walk down that aisle with my friends and throw a cap in the air. (It also didn’t matter which cap you picked up from the floor at the end, because they were all the same, no one wrote their names in them. We were all the same in the end even while the cords on our robes were all so different.)

School was a fun learning experience and I really enjoyed it except for a few times and incidents, but I learned that even those will only last so long. There is always going to be more to life and it will come along at random and inconvenient times and I just have to live with it. Complaining takes too much time and energy, but it also has it’s time and place. I also learned that everyone can take a refresher course when their kids (or their siblings’ kids) need help with their homework.

Maniac Running – Poetry Prompt #10

He runs and runs fast.
Maniac many call him.
Finally finds home.
image: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/127554

Written for this week’s WeDrinkPoetry prompt: http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/05/12/poetry-prompt-10-haiku-novel/comment-page-1/#comment-17990

Took me a moment to think about it, but when I did I chose Mania Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It’s a book that one of my elder sisters first read to me when I was learning how to read chapter books way back in early elementary school. I have since read it every single year that I was in public schooling and the first few years of college.

Outside – Poetry Prompt 8

Come outside today!
Come on now, it’s good for you!
Come play with me this day!
We can throw a ball,
Catch a Frisbee,
Spar with wooden swords or
Run around!
Com on now, it’s good for you!
Come outside today!
Come on now, it’s good for you!
Join us in the great outdoors,
It doesn’t matter that it’s not that big;
All that matters is that we dig!
It’s great fun to dig and delve,
Working our way down from level twelve.
Feel the dirt between your toes
And get sand within your hair!
Come on now, it’s good for you!
Join us in the great outdoors,
Enjoy the sunshine slanting down,
Feel the wind blow around town!
Pretend you’re caught up with it and
Dance around with glee.
Feel the pull of the world
As it drags you down from a leap,
Don’t pay any mind to the clatter of raindrops.
Join us in the great outdoors.

Written partly because of Pooky’s poetry prompt for today: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/poetry-prompt-8-first-phrase-last-phrase/

Also because my nephew keeps trying to drag me out, using my own words against me and everything! (laughs)

Take a moment – Poetry Prompt #9

When you find yourself
At the beginning of the day
Asking yourself,
‘Is there another way?’
Then you realize
That this is not so,
In a moment or two
Will you have to go?
Is it more than just a word?
Is it more than just a thought?
Will I need to speak
Or shall I be bought?
And then at the end of the day
You’ll find your Mama
say, ‘Take a moment to think;
Remember, Acta Non Verba.’

Written for the poetry prompt from We Drink Because We’re Poets: http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/05/05/poetry-prompt-9-dead-language/

I looked over the list they provided a link to and found that I liked the sound of Acta Non Verba which means Deeds, not words.

Not Ready – #4 Poetry Prompt

The light bleeds inside
Time has slipped me by a ways
No summer yet please!
image: from martha0stout’s phone

Written for Pooky’s poetry prompt for today: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/poetry-prompt-a-haiku-from-your-window/comment-page-1/#comment-4091

The picture is of one of my sister’s cats from a few years ago; her name was Miri and she was adorable.

Sunrise – #8 poetry prompt

Many days you will begin
Only you can know whether it will end.
Reality likes to come and scream
Never will I give up on my team.
I know that each one is a new beginning,
Not given to me to waste, but to
Get going!

Written for this week’s WeDrinkBecauseWe’rePoets prompt: http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/04/28/poetry-prompt-8-morning/

I’ve seen several people write for these prompts and now that NaPoWriMo is over, I find I still need my daily poetry fix.