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A Moment’s Thought

Low though I find myself Only thinking with my rage Various moments in mind’s eye Even now, stealing wisdom sage Letting myself get caught up Into pain and hurt so bright Keeping myself lost in a daze Eve’s coming on … Continue reading

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Too often we all demand Reaching out with grabbing hand Unstable in our own ways Searching for more honest days Taking instead of giving most days Sometimes we forget that trust has to be given in order to be built … Continue reading

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A Burden?

But I find it hidden deep Undisturbed, but ready to leap Requiring nothing more than a word Dancing about as quick as a bird Even when I’m so tired Not going to leave you in the mire Was reading through … Continue reading

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Guard Dog

Because All Residents Know I will protect them This little thing popped into my head while my dog Vincent was chasing a skunk away from the hen house a few minutes ago. He does regular round around the property at … Continue reading

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Take a Breath

For I have found my loneliness Infinite and sure Now it has left me behind Dancing away in history’s arms My go-to thing to help when I am troubled has been music or words my whole life. I’m not talented … Continue reading

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Broken Hallelujah

Lost in the moment I forgot about the past My body remembered just fine Perhaps the future should’ve been important too There’s only so much the human body can take.

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Pain is a Teacher

Take each moment as it comes Reaching once more Yearning to find more Insight given and yet lost Not going to back down Going to stand once more

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