Point of View

“Heroes are unaware of the privilege inherent in their worldview and villains lack the luxury of ignorance.” –dls

She had to argue against what she had read. Lila had known plenty of villains who had remained ignorant of how the world worked, though most of those villains either weren’t actually villains (she tried not to think of the one who really just wanted a friend and had one in his nemesis. Maybe that was why the old man never really did anything too nefarious or dastardly…) Those that were real villains likely didn’t even realize that they were villains, because they saw themselves as the heroes of their story.

Like the one Lila had watched take over her planet.

Michael believed that he was helping the denizens of his new world have a better life. If he controlled everything, then there was no crime. Death happened, of course it did, but it wasn’t violent and was, in fact, something that was painless. Everyone who died did so in their sleep.

Mostly because everyone had a cut off age (decided, nominally by themselves for how long they wanted to naturally live, but no one ever knew what someone else’s cut off date was. Only the Officials that Michael put as the Overseers of the River of Styx knew when the cut off date chosen was. How could anyone else know if the cut off date was even what the dead person had chosen then?) You didn’t even have to go to the Officials.

They came to you.

No one knew how they got in your home, because nothing was ever moved. No noises were made to wake anyone else up in your home, whether they were animals or humans.

You just went to bed after wishing those you lived with good night (if you lived with someone) and then you didn’t wake up in the morning.

Everyone knew what had happened. It was covered in detail when you were sixteen solar cycles and asked to communicate your cut off date.

This wasn’t the kind of thing that someone else should be scheduling.

It wasn’t the kind of thing Lila thought anyone should be scheduling, much less actually following through on!

This wasn’t even the worst of things that Michael had set up, it was just always one of the first things that Lila thought about.

Mostly because she knew that the chosen cut off date wasn’t always the one that was honored.

She didn’t know how many others knew. There was no way to find out. You could never be certain who wasn’t a plant from the Overseers and who was genuine. There was really no safe way to find out.

Lila should know.

She’d almost lost her life and her freedom the last time she’d taken a chance.

She’d only lost a few fingers instead, but considering it could have killed her instead…

Lila’s still not certain just how she was able to get away and remain hidden. As far as she’d known up until that point, no one had been able to do such a thing on Michael’s New World Order.

A part of her wonders if it’s the only other lie told to everyone the world over. The practical side of her knows that it doesn’t matter unless she’s able to find others to work with.

Of course, finding others to work with will mean nothing if they don’t have a way to fight back.

And they don’t.

You only get access to anything that can be classed as a weapon if you work for a specific part of the New World Order.


Lost Love?

Some say it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Others say that only fools say this, because they do not understand the gaping void left in the wake of lost love.

For me, it is different as I imagine that it’s different for every person and every situation. I have not so much lost love as come to an understanding that it was time for us to part. He had the same realizations. I will always treasure the time that we had together, but it was time to move forward for both of us, and that forward motion did not run parallel for us. There are times when I feel the missing piece of myself, but at the same time I know that going back would not help. Memories are there to help you be who you are, but they are only as powerful as you let them be.

 Choices are the hinges of destiny. -Pythagoras

Though this does not always feel like its true, it is for me. But I am just one person who has had one relationship like this. I have lost the closeness of others: friends, family, pets; not always because our paths separate, but because of death as well. The reasons are always different, even when they are the same, because each person who has left me or who I have left is different.

But there will always be things that I remember…

The first time he walked me to the library.

The first time I walked him to the bus stop and waited with him for his bus.

The first time we held hands.

Every time we hugged before we parted.

The first time we kissed. (Which, despite popular belief, was something that I actually initiated. A thing which surprised me just as much as it did him.)

The first time he came to visit me when I was sick.

The first time we realized neither of us knew when our anniversary was so we just picked one and went with it.

When I realized that he was one of the few that I didn’t instinctively flinch away from when he rested a hand on my shoulder or neck.

When I realized that I felt safe in his presence no matter how tired or sick or lost I felt.

Honestly there are too many things to remember and write down that if I wrote them all I would never finish this post. Or, if I did this post would take far longer to compose than it has already. (Hint: I started writing this several months ago.)

The point is not that I have loved or that I have lost…

The point, gentlemen, is that they lived. -from the movie “Ever After”

Written originally for myself, but finished for yesterday’s FreeWriteFriday prompt as well as for myself: http://kellieelmore.com/2014/05/23/fwf-free-write-friday-first-kiss/

Point of View

Very often I am afraid,
I know that I am always alone.
Can’t anyone see that I need help?
This isn’t going to come out at home…
I wonder just what I have done?
Must have been something to deserve this.
Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?
Because I have nothing else going for me,
Unless I take it myself.
Lower myself to this pitiful display,
Let me use this to feel better about myself.
You won’t tell anyone, they won’t believe.
It must have expired long ago…
But no one else is doing anything…
You can’t expect me to try if they won’t!
Stop looking at me as if this is my fault!
Totally overblowing my role.
At least I’m not the one to through the punch,
Never did I say the words,
Don’t look at me when they limp away!
Ever think that they should stop it themselves?
Remember that I stood by and did nothing I will forever…

When I first saw the prompt, I was reminded of two things:

1) When I was a little girl, everyone got a turn on the swing we were all pushing like a bench swing, but every time my turn came around, I was pushed to the ground and ignored. There were only a few that did any actual pushing, but no one else would even look me in the eyes when they quickly pushed the line forward once more.

2) Even though she’d been bullied mercilessly and far worse than I ever had, my niece jumped into a ditch that was flooding to grab out a little girl she’d only met that day even though she wasn’t the strongest swimmer. She never made all that many friends in the neighborhood while we lived there because most would bully her or stand by and do nothing, but she’d stand up for them or dive into the river for their siblings anyway.

At one point or another in our lives, we will each stand in one of the places in this scenario. The question we have to ask ourselves is: Will we continue those actions?

Will you allow yourself to be pushed down over and over before you walk away?

Will you continue to bully once you realize with horror that, that is exactly what you are doing?

Will you continue to watch on as another is degraded for whatever reason or excuse you were using to justify your previous behavior?

Will the answer you give now stay the same, or will it change?

Prompt: http://tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/reflections-shared-tracesofthesoul-prompt-2-silent-witnesses-bystanders/

Super Mommy

Kelly loved her mommy. She just knew that she had the best mommy in the world. Mommy made sure that Kelly had a home and toys and books and time with friends and at the park. Mommy took her shopping and let Kelly be in charge of picking out the best apples and pears and potatoes and onions. Mommy only double-checked every now and then to make sure that Kelly knew what she was doing.

She taught Kelly about herbs and plants as well as how to read and the different letters of the books she read with Kelly. She even made sure that Kelly had her own little field journal to record things in. She didn’t care if those things were made up by Kelly or things that she actually saw in real life, just so long as she was enjoying her work.

Kelly’s mommy didn’t have anyone for her, though, and after learning about such things from one of the other kids at school Kelly had decided that her mommy needed someone just for her. (Though she didn’t think that her mommy would mind sharing her Special Someone with Kelly for games and story times. Mommy said that sharing something that was important to you, even if only for a little bit, was just as important as sharing your treats.)

Kelly had never had anyone besides her mommy and she had never felt the need to ask why she didn’t have a daddy. She didn’t have to. Kelly was a smart girl, everyone said so, but she didn’t think that you had to be smart to see how her mommy shied away from most men and some women. She was fine with younger people, but not really anyone that would be equal enough with mommy in order to her her Special Someone.

This would take work, but Kelly wasn’t afraid of a little work, or even a lot of work. Mommy was worth it.

Written for today’s Daily Prompt: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/daily-prompt-hero/