End of Service


What had her purpose been the last 50 years?

What had been her purpose for the hundreds of years before that?

Sometimes, it seemed like she really had no purpose anymore…

The last of the battles had been harder and yet easier at the same time. Everyone was tired of the fighting, of the death and of the inevitability of the losses that they would surely accumulate. Even in winning both sides would lose; too many had been lost to death and madness for it to be anything else. The only good part about winning this war would be that they would have more time to recuperate for the inevitable come back of their enemies.

They were always fighting, even after a thousand years of peace their enemy would return with a new face and new troops. The fighting would continue because as long as the light existed, so too would the dark. The only differences would be the faces of those fighting the Endless Battle and the scale on which they would be fighting.

“My Queen, her mind is too far gone to salvage.” a voice whispered over her head.

She disregarded it and continued to hum absently to herself as her fingers worked through the different parchment papers covered in wet paint. She continued to paint the different battles in splashes of color and the starbursts of light that conveyed the death of those she’d battled both alongside with and against.

“Is there nothing that can be done? Perhaps we should speak with the Lunar Healers?”

The healing aide shook his head, “I’m afraid that it would only delay the inevitable. There is nothing that can be done at this point.”

The Queen hummed sadly, “Star will not agree with you on that.”

“Star will need to be contacted as soon as she is within contacting range about what has happened. As Comet’s only living relative she will need to take responsibility for her sister. Whether or not she agrees with the prognosis there is nothing more that I nor my fellows can do, Your Majesty.”

The golden brown head bobbed in agreement, “I shall send the message myself. Comet fell in the defense of myself and my young heir and the both of them have been with me too long for me to not inform Star myself.”

Her purpose…

Her purpose was to protect…

…but protect who?

Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompt: http://theseekersdungeon.com/2014/02/06/dungeon-prompts-season-2-week-6-purpose-and-the-art-of-holding-back/#more-5403

I wasn’t certain if I should write this prompt from personal life or from the lives of one of my characters. As you can see, I ended up going with a character.