Best Birthday Present Ever – Thankful Thursday

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday. For the first six years of my older brother’s life he was the only boy in the house (other than Dad). He had three older sisters and three younger sisters. When Mom found out that her eighth pregnancy was with a boy who was due in October, my older brother told everyone that his mom was getting him a little brother for his birthday.

My older brother’s birthday is tomorrow, by the way. The day that my younger brother came home from the hospital was in fact his birthday.

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

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Anonymous Gift – SoC

Mary smiled as she held the little boy in her arms for the first time. Warren smiled down at his exhausted wife, knowing that any threats she might have breathed at him-

(“Why did I want this? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? Why did you let me do this?!)

-okay, maybe she didn’t so much as breathe them as scream them in the quietest voice he had ever heard her (or anyone else) use.

But this moment, standing next to her as they stared down at their little boy, their little gift from someone out there in the world.

It was worth it.

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