Short, But No Less Sweet

Mayhaps you think they’re children yet

Allowing that their age can never beget

Yet often I know we can forget

For in their lives full joy is met

Love and care and family found yet

You know not just what out of such a short life animals get


I was looking at Vincent, the puppy, and marveling at how quickly he has grown. He’s already three times as big as he was when we first got him. Most animals grow so fast compared to us humans and they don’t tend to live as long as we do. (I’m talking about animals that I’ve had, I know there are some that live twice as long as humans, if not longer.) I’ve also been reading some of Tolkien’s work and thinking about how many of the longer lived races look at the hobbits or the humans in that world. Those with less years in total prospective lifespan seem to be like mayflies to many of the longer-lived races.

That doesn’t make the years that they have to give any less meaningful to me.

Perspective – One-Liner Wednesday

You are fine, I know you don’t believe me, but you are.

Something that I was telling my puppy while he fussed about being in his kennel (we’re still kennel training him as part of teaching him to not go to the bathroom in the house) when I realized that sometimes this is what the Lord is telling us when all we can see is that we are trapped. His perspective is very different from ours and we don’t understand it at the moment. Sometimes we don’t understand it at all until years, if not decades, later in life.

But we just have to be like my puppy and trust that there is a reason for why we are in the kennel at the moment instead of running free. Especially when we see others who aren’t restricted the way we are at the moment.

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (Will update link when able.)

Fall Over Adorable

Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is

Using my strange wire cube shelving for a kennel

Pick me up! Pick me up!

Please love me like I’ve always been here

You are my new family, can I be yours?


We got a new puppy. It happened. His name is Vincent and he is an adorable 100% American dog (because he, like us, is a mutt with absolutely no pedigree and so adorable.)

(And just to be clear, the thing I’m talking about in the first line of the acrostic was the accident Vincent had this morning. We’re still adjusting to the new puppy food.)

Tuned Out

There are just some days where I am very sporadic in what I do. Today is one of those days and I can’t think of much of anything other than how cold it is. I really need to find my fingerless gloves, they would really help out.

So enjoy this funny family motivational that I made.

image: picture from martha0stout's phone, put together on
image: picture from martha0stout’s phone, put together on