Put the Glass Down

Who am I if I can’t carry it all?

If I falter…

Who am I if I don’t have what it takes?

No cracks, no breaks

No mistakes, no pressure

-‘Surface Pressure’; from “Encanto”
But it's so hard to go on
Utilizing every source of energy
Reaching further and further inside
Not realizing what you're courting
Only knowing you just can't stop
Until there's nothing left to give
Then you fall and can't get up

I’m not the eldest of my siblings. I’m the third youngest, in fact, which would sound like still pretty up there, but I’m the sixth child my parents had, so it really means that I’m just barely not the end, but not really one of the middle two. I’ve watched different siblings at different times try to carry not only their own loads but those around them. I’ve done it, too. We seem to take turns in my family with doing that. It helps with the burnout that each of us have lived through of one thing or another.

I’ve been told that working like that with one another is…odd.

I don’t know why, though. Isn’t that what family is supposed to be about? Yeah, you have fights and arguments, and maybe you don’t talk a whole lot with each other sometimes, but when you’re family needs help? When you see your siblings fall, don’t you step up and help them? Even if you’re still angry and hurt, you still love them. You can love someone, but not really like them all of the time. That’s just being human. We don’t even always like ourselves, so why would that be any different with others?

I don’t really recall if I’ve written about this before, but it’s been rolling through my head since watching that part of the movie. That sister was approaching burnout at what she saw as the destruction of her family. After all, if she’s the strongest of them and she’s weak when all of the magic might be fading? And her entire concept of her worth is based on what she can do? That’s a recipe for disaster, Disney movie or no.

It’s healthy for someone to take time away in order to rest. Even if they don’t go back to what they were doing before they burned out, it’s important. A person’s worth is more than what they can do.


To The Left

Take the path you are suited for
Or the path will choose you instead.
The path that you choose will twist and turn,
Help you or hurt you or send in a landslide.
Eventually, you will experience pain.
Leave the pain, don’t carry it with you
Even if you hold it for a while.
Find a moment to set it down
To give your arms some rest.
Remember to put the glass down.
image: found on IWSMT

Inspired by the quote from today’s prompt for Light and Shade Challenge.

The joke behind the ‘to the left’ part is a hike I went on for Girls Camp one year. We had a brand new Stake President and on the 3rd year hike (that I went with as a youth camp leader) we came to a fork in the road. Our Stake President was in charge of the hike and he chose the right. He lost us for over three hours. I fell into a hole at one point during the hike to find where we went wrong. He should have chosen the left.