Cheese With That? – Day Eleven

That’s not fair!
No! I won’t listen.
I’m not going to do it!
You can’t make me!
This is how you want to play it?
This and no farther,
Would you like some cheese with that wine?

Inspired by one of my nephews who, as of late, has been very attitude-ridden whenever talking with anyone. I’m not looking forward to his teen years…

This is also my offering for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt:


Will You Listen?

There are all kinds of secrets
Found throughout the day:
Dishes not wash all the way,
Television on before dressed for the bus,
Brownies made and cleaned up after.
(Not everything is too much.)
Good secrets come and go,
Bad secrets like to crop up as well:
Homework hidden and not done,
People pushing things under the rug;
Ignore it enough, it’ll go away?
(No it won’t.)
Bad secrets aren’t the only ones hiding,
Good secrets jump out and brighten your life:
Kittens brought home when you needed a friend,
A first attempt at a child’s sewing gifted, made by hand.
Someone coming over just because, but managing to bring just what you needed.
(Woken up at night, given what you need to work from home.)
Secrets like to lurk and hide,
They like to make you stumble and your eyes go wide,
But at the same time, they can be quiet and sneak up on you.
A child waking their mother at night,
Seeking peace to sleep by talking something out.
“I’m always here if you need me, if only to talk it out.”
(She didn’t mind how late it was or that she had work in three hours.)
Families can be loud with their secrets,
Shouting them out and using the bright lights to distract
From the shadows lurking beneath.
They can also be quiet,
Barely whispering about the teeth and the heartbreak.
(Just because ‘everyone knows’ doesn’t mean that they understand.)
But will you listen as I speak my words?
Will you keep quiet to hear all that is in me?
My secrets are my own to share or silence,
But will you listen to them all the same?
Secrets can choke you, both good and bad, if you cannot tell anyone.
(Oh Lord, I pray, listen to my heart as well as my mouth.)

Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompts:

Partially prompted by a few things coming to light this morning: the children didn’t quite finish getting ready for school and one almost missed the bus, but they’d made brownies after everyone had gone to bed and yet had managed to clean up (almost) completely after themselves. This morning really needed those brownies.

Thank you for your care

“How can this satisfy you?” she asks.

“Because I find that I am happy here.” I answer.

There is more to life than riches and gold, there is family and love and light.

Written for this week’s Trifectra:

A short conversation like one I have had recently with one of my sisters. She worries about me and though I am glad for her love, I also know that I am happy where I am.

Next to me?

At night I sit and
Look out the window.
On and on the 
Night sky stretches.
Endless are the possibilities of life!
Where are you?
Two seats taken up,
Only at this moment do they feel like one.
Getting ready for this night and
Even more excited for this day!
Two becoming one is not
How this goes.
Enter together and work side by side
‘Round the day, because that is why we are here.
Right here next to me.

I’m not entirely sure where this comes from… I was going to write about a prompt, but this came out instead. shrugs

A Day?

What to do with a day?

Do you work? If you work, what do you do? Are you standing on your feet all or part of the day or are you sitting behind a desk? Do you interact with people all day long or do you shuffle through a long list on numbers?

Do you go to school? Do you study hard for several hard classes or do you breeze through your classes, taking breaks in between each bout of homework? Do you teach at the school you go to instead of learn?

Is it even possible to not learn at a school, even if you are not officially a student?

Do you stay at home and do things there? Cook, sew or clean? Do you tend to your children or others’ children?

Do you read or write or draw? Do you create?

What do you do with a day?

Picture: from martha0stout’s camera

As long as you continue to live, you can answer these question for yourself.