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In June I was honored to be presented with two new awards! (You people are so generous to me!) Once again, it has likely taken me some time to get this post written out (ones like this where I also present awards to others seem to take longer to type out for some reason…probably  because when I want to surf and look at others’ blogs is when lots of things happen that require me to be away from my laptop. Life likes to happen a lot like that…)

For instance, I am starting this post half-way through June (tomorrow is my second eldest nephew’s birthday). I have no idea when I will finish this post, but let us press on for now!

These two awards were presented to me by fozzbloglife. Thank you, fozzbloglife!


The Rules:

  • Answer 10 questions
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Nominate at least 10 deserving bloggers
  • Place the award somewhere on your blog

The Questions:

  1. Favorite food: anything spicy
  2. Favorite actor: LeVar Burton
  3. Favorite TV show: Columbo
  4. Favorite tear-jerker: The Blind Side (currently, this changes)
  5. Favorite sport: volleyball or swimming or American football
  6. Lucky number: 8
  7. Tea or coffee: herbal tea
  8. Holidays: Halloween
  9. Twitter or Facebook: neither
  10. Favorite Christmas movie: Finding Faith in Christ

Without further ado!

My nomination people:

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Questions – Day Fourteen

You wish to ask this of me?
To ask where I shall go?
Why should I leave?
Why should this carry on?
Why should it wear me down?
Why should I grieve?
Why must I ask in fear?
Why must this thing be?
Why must there be no reprieve?
How did this start?
How could it continue?
How could it leave me bereaved?
What shall I do?
Where shall I go?
Why must I now leave?
Because this is no place,
No earthly place at all
Where I must fight to believe.

This is my offering for NaPoWriMo today:



Dear Santa,

I have been good half of the year and these presents I would desire getting for me. You don’t have to get them but could you please try to? Any way I will write them down right now.

  • $1000 for a new house
  • cat coats for the cats so they don’t freese to death
  • could you get me a 3DS?
  • could you get me Mario Bros 2 for thee 3DS?

You Friend,


Read my sister’s youngest son’s letter to Santa this morning. It struck me that the only things that he doesn’t ask about are for others. He only had the question marks about the things for himself.

has to stop for a moment

I think my sister’s doing a good job with her kids.

(Any misspellings were part of the letter.)

This kid also convinced his older sister who ‘doesn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore’ to write to him as well. Her letter began by asking Santa how he was and hoping that he was well. She does believe, but doesn’t want to seem too immature to admit it. smiles