No Better Way

“I’m sorry, too. Not for what I did, but that the situation came to it. That I couldn’t think of a better way.”


Mary stood over what little was left of the world she had come from. The clothing she’d been wearing was old and little more than scraps at this point. No matter how well it had been woven, nor how sturdy the material even something as strong as the steel fibers that had been created in her home universe could not hold up from the ravages of crossing dimensional barriers as well as the years afterwards. Precious few things were sturdy enough to cross the barrier in the first place, much less be able to continue on as it had been before such a crossing.

Mary was lucky enough that she had crossed over with such little tear upon herself.

If one could call losing half of what you were permanently as ‘little’ of anything.

“Are you all right?” Alex asked as he watched his chosen sister stare at the remnants of what had come with her into his life.

“…” she said nothing at first before slowly shaking her head, pausing and then nodding it.

With that confusing answer, she turned, rags held in her hands tightly, and left the room.

The fibers would finish disintegrating before the week was over, dissolving into fine dust to be blown away by the wind, but Mary would cherish their presence for as long as she had them. They were the last things her sister had ever touched before Mary had been exiled for her own health. She wasn’t bitter about what had happened.

Well, no.

That wasn’t true.

She was bitter.

But she didn’t blame her sister for it. Something had to be done and though she did not like (hated, loathed, mourned) what had been done she knew that there was precious little else that Star could have done that didn’t include Mary’s death in order to stop the madness that had been festering in her very soul.

Better she be alive and lost to her home than dead and buried within it.

Mary knew that was what Star had believed, no matter how it must have destroyed her to actually do such a thing.

That more than anything else saved Mary from blaming her sister for the predicament that she was now in.