Hilarity – Random Moment

Was re-reading a book for the first time in a couple of years and cracked up over the first half of the following sentence:

Before this whole goat rope started…

The last time I read this story was before we had goats and I can guarantee that trying to lead goats on a rope is pointless and hilarious if you aren’t the one holding the rope.


Muddy Cotton – Random Moment

image: Cotton, from martha0stout's phone

image: Cotton, from martha0stout’s phone

She stared at me without comprehension, not certain of what I was doing. My sister held her tightly to her chest, careful of her face and worried that we were frightening the poor dear.

I had other thoughts on my mind such as, I really hope that Cotton continues to suffer us to clean the mud out from between her little toes with more patience than she usually shows when near a sink full of water. She seems annoyed that dipping her paws into the water to work the thick mud out before we can use a rag to get out the rest is necessary.

But she suffered it without clawing our faces off and there were plenty of opportunities to do so.