Ready Yourself

Tell me once again what is right and wrong.
I think that I missed what you said
Right as you spoke through the throng.
Even if I disagree, your words will still stand,
Don’t  forget that, no matter what song played by the band.
Only through the voice of many
For justice won’t be bought with a penny.
Far too long have people wept  
Even though through tears they’ve slept
And if you want something to change
Ready yourself for the range.

I have never felt fear for myself or others when it comes to the police, but my mother grew up in the South during the Civil Rights Movement and she would sometimes tell us stories to remind us that they are people and people are not always honest, good or faithful to what they have sworn themselves to. On the other hand I know that there are people who I care for who have been saved because of an armed officer being nearby.

Guns are dangerous. They are made to kill things, animals and/or people. They are not toys, they are weapons and only those trained in their use and care should use them.

This post was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt for this last week.