Faith is…


Faith is not something to joke about.

It is something serious.

It is not to be taken lightly.

It is a part of you who are even if you are not religious.

Faith is something that is like an obsidian blade.

It is sharp and strong when well cared for, but brittle when left to dust.

It needs nourishment, use, practice.

It is not something that sits on a shelf, pretty and occasionally dusted only to be looked at, but never (never) touched.

Faith is stepping out into the darkness.

It is leaving the light behind.

It is continuing to walk where one you trust has asked.

It is being fearful, but moving forward just the same with your eyes open though you can see nothing in front of you.

Faith is a part of our very physical makeup.

It is something that we have even when we don’t know about it.

It is like the transport proteins that exist within our very cells.

It is there as we believe that our hearts will keep the blood flowing through our bodies.

Faith is in the world around us.

It is the water cycle working and water staying in our atmosphere instead of evaporating out into space.

It is the gravity that holds us down as the world continues spinning.

It is always there for we have to believe in something even if it is only believing that the sun will rise in the East in the morning.


Wish You Could See

image: courtesy of Janssenfrank and taken from Wiki Commons

Mary sighed as she knelt down in front of the gravestone. Her hands did not tremble as they cleared away the grass and weeds that tried to cover the slab of cement, though her fingers lovingly traced the outline of the letters.

“It’s lonely without you, Warren. The boys aren’t home as often as they used to be, busy with work and school and friends. They don’t have as much time for their mother anymore.”

Terry had graduated high school with honors and was now attending university, his long-time girlfriend off and studying her way through dancing, his job not ending just because he had less time on his hands. If anything, he spent more time with his boss than with his mother.

“I don’t mind so much, Terrance is really coming into what he wants to be and I think he would make you proud with his dreams of going into law. He’s not just going to leave it to someone else to fix the mess that has often happened in our legal systems.”

Matt wasn’t in high school, not yet, but that was more because he hadn’t wanted to skip grades than anything else. Her little boy was smart and often spent time over with his brother at his workplace. Terry’s boss didn’t seem to mind and even let the pre-teen help out as well.

Mary smiled once more at her husband’s gravestone, “It seems that I am nothing more than a thought they have now and then, but I know that they still love me even if I don’t quite fit with them anymore.”

With a sigh, she stood.

“I wish you were here to grow old with me.”

This is a dual inspired post, part of it came from reading a post by Oliana this morning (nothingness) and also from the Light and Shade Challenge.


Take a moment and think

When was the last time you just let go?

Didn’t run

Didn’t push

Didn’t worry, worry, worry

Just ran about

Laughed out loud

Swung your arms like a child?

There are times when you need to be serious

Keep control of your thoughts and emotions

There are times when you need the opposite

Speak what’s on your mind

Let your heart run wild

Both sides need their turn and time.

There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.

–Dr. Who

Written for this last Friday’s Light and Shade Challenge.