Strength To Carry On

Remember each moment that’s gone by
Even as you say farewell
Grief lets you know of the love
Rent from you by the veil
Each precious moment a shining star
Taking your heart as they fell

I was told once that you know you’re an adult when you have to make your own doctor appointments. I’ve found that, though this is true, it’s also…not.

You know you’re an adult when you have to schedule a final appointment for a beloved, but slowly dying family pet.

Just remember that your love for them can keep you warm after they’ve gone ahead.


To Feel or Not To Feel – Thankful Thursday

Reaching back to who I was
Even as I must continue forward
Going to take my licks as they come
Especially when I have earned them
Teaching and learning and always still yearning

To be more than I once was.

This might be strange, but I’m grateful for the feeling of regret today. I won’t go into why, but I am grateful for the ability to feel this emotion, just so long as it doesn’t accidentally take over my life.

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