One Moment

Freedom isn’t about getting to do everything you want; it’s about being responsible for everything you do, and being responsible for the results of what you do as well. As a free person, you get to choose, but you also have to be responsible for your choices. –MarbleGlove

For oft have I stood on the path
Reasoning to myself where to turn
Even as the road stretches onward
Eclipsing the option to return


I Can, So I Will – Thankful Thursday

Today was the day twenty-five years ago that Nelson Mandela was released from prison after twenty-seven years spent living there. He went on to do amazing things that most of us have had for decades and took for granted.

I am grateful for his decision to not be bitter after so many years locked away and him not only deciding to NOT be bitter, but to do something about the situation that his country was in. He didn’t say, “Well, I’ve done my time, it’s someone else’s turn to step into the spotlight and fix things.” No. He said, “I still have something left in me that is needed and I’m going to give it, because I can. So I will.”

And so he did.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)

The Strangest of Places

Never really knowing anyone’s name for long;
Everyone moves eventually
In this little bunch of circles off a street.
Gone faster than you can even learn some of their names.
Happy here in a way we haven’t been…ever.
But knowing that here is just like many other places
Or maybe we’ll luck out and find another home
Right where we least expected it.
Half of the adults rarely meet, yet all the children are kept in sight.
Oh, how does such a place where no one knows who you are
Or where you come from still be as safe as can be?
Dynamics of a place where every child is precious, even when they aren’t your own.

Written for today’s Daily Post prompt and because this is kind of what my little neighborhood is like. Only people that don’t live here drive the full 25 mph; everyone else drives at something like 10 mph because small children and dogs sometimes chase balls and other toys out into the street. Most of the dogs have some kind of pit bull in them, but every single dog that gets out (again, most of them) are probably some of the sweetest dogs I have ever met (and once I had a Golden Retriever puppy who thought that my siblings were her puppies.)

This is probably one of the friendliest neighborhoods I have ever lived in and also the only one where I never know the names of the adults, but know the names of most of the children.