Eternal Round

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned
It’s that life is not clean cut
Things like to happen without plan
And we’re left standing asking, “What?”

We grow and learn and cry
Tears of joy and pain
Laugh, sing and ask and die
Trying to find our place in life

Walking without fear
When we think we know the way
Questions asked without a pause
Answers clear in the light of day

And then someone comes along
Taking what we thought we knew
Turning it inside out
And left knowing a world so new

Still we keep moving on
Not giving in one jot
There’s still so much to learn
We cannot ever give up

Children become so much more
Than just those mirrors reflected back
As they change and grow
Knowing it’s up to them to stay the track

They leave us far behind
With little power left
Not knowing that they have
Left us feeling bereft

We’ve taught them all we know
But not all that they find
Believing, hoping that
They will themselves o’er bind

And yet they still come home
Smiling with eyes bright
Or crying and alone
Still to our arms they go

“I have seen so much out there,
So much that frightened me,
But always I have known
You would still remain waiting like a tree…

“A sentinel from my past
I have known you won’t forget
That you raised me from first to last
As someone more than what you’ve beget.”

And then we can reply,
“I prayed and watched and hoped
That still you’d come and try
To tell me all you’ve seen…

“My child, my heart still beats
A sure rhythm just for you
So listen as it states
That I will always love you, too.

“No matter where you go
Nor how strange you may become to me
My child of choice or birth
My heart is yours for free.

“Learn and grow and live
But don’t forget the past.
Still learn to forgive and regret
And keep your anger last.

“There’s more to life than this
So much more than I can say
Just remember this from me,
Hope and faith still bring the day.”

A part of them in us are
A part of us in them
For the roots cannot yet grow
Without the branches trim.

Wow. That kind of grew to be a lot longer than I thought it would. Every time I thought, well, that’s done, the words would keep coming. Sometimes all we can do is stand back and watch something grow until its time is done.

This was inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Moral Authority. Make sure to check the other entries there, because these prompts seem to bring out the best in bloggers’ writing I’ve found.

Just A Little Something

Sometimes it’s hard to see
That everyone sees me
And yet I find I’m blind
With how I’ve wrapped myself in this bind

But what am I to do?
Just give in and say boo
Or maybe it’s time to stand
And see where I will land

This is in part based off of trying to keep my own cool when I just want to scream and also from two different songs that I have decided I adore. The songs are as follows:



You saw I was alone
But wanted to make friends
You reached out a hand
And brought me more in the end

Struggling with my paces
I always was late
You didn’t leave me to wander
But brought me in, made me great

Frustrated with how I learned
You taught me what I needed
Didn’t let me give up
Desire for learning you seeded

Pulling your hair out over the class
Swinging from the ceiling
Still underneath them
You found me kneeling

With encouragement in your mouth
You never let me down
Even when I didn’t believe myself
You never let me want to frown

So many others pushed away
Their own important task
You didn’t do this, no way
You always told me just to ask

Each one of you I will remember
Knowing I could not do this alone
Though I do not know where now you wander
I will always feel where you have gone

Recently I came across a collection of different points in different peoples’ lives where they had teachers who held them back instead of helping them move forward. I have had teachers in the past just like that, who did not want to see those they thought less of succeed.

But for every one of those I’ve seen or met in my life (of which, there have been more than a few) I have also seen and known those teachers, those educators who went above and beyond what they were task.ed with doing in their line of work.

This poem is dedicated to all of those teachers and educators who saw children in their classrooms, in their schools and didn’t just do what they needed for their pay, but went above that and did what those children (what we) needed because they could and because they would.

There are those out there that look down on someone, for one reason or another, and do what they  can to make that person fail. But don’t forget that there are also those out there who see someone struggling and deciding that they are willing to be a part of the stepping stool that those students, those children need.

Good Neighbor

The girl in the hall
Alone and feeling small
You greet with a smile
Like you’ve known her a while

The woman at church
Pale and shaking with a lurch
Haven’t seen her all week
Because of the fear that she’s weak

The mother at the store
Children crying, her arms sore
You try to help them smile
Knowing it will stop the tears for a while

The boy lost in the world
Where everything’s a whirl
Not knowing where to turn
To ease the pain, the burn

The teen glaring at the book
Unsure of where to look
To find the help needed
To work the problem without concedin’

The older man sitting alone
Left behind by those once known
Years weighing down, down, down
No one left to flip his frown

Who is my neighbor
They asked with a sneer
Asking the Man whose labor
Would bring them to God, near

Those who you’d help
Would be those who yelp
Whether quietly and still
Or loud and with will

For though we are strangers
In life there are many dangers
So together we must walk
Help others and not balk

For more than once, I know
We’ll all need a neighbor in tow
To reach out a shaking hand
Not sure of where we stand

But hold out a hand they do
Knowing that we need help, too
So our neighbor they will be
For they heard, “Help me.”

This was inspired not by any one event, but several that I have had, seen, or read about throughout my life.

Hunting Season is Year-Round

Searching high and low
Where they’d turn up
No one would know…
Only time would tell
Just where they’d be
And where they’d fell
The hunt was on!

For some reason, my niece and nephews don’t know how to mate socks and put them in the laundry hamper when they take them off. Seriously, other people need to use those things too!

Also, I can’t wash them if I don’t know where they are…

Walking the Road

Sometimes I go walking
All out by myself
Except with another
To walk the road shelf

Together we walk
All alone in our thoughts
Wind brushing by
Blowing ‘way imagined faults

In this instance we’re tall
Standing high in the sky
Doubts falling away
Smiles gracing this ride

For though I’m alone
I’m really with another
Walking right through
Life’s confusing weather

But at times I look back
And only see one track
And then I start to wonder
Just what I lack

For now I walk alone
Without my friend
Walking all alone
Not even seeing the end

But really He was there
Not walking beside me
Holding me up
To see what I will be

But I’m just so tired
So wanting my rest
That I forget He is there
Helping me be my best

It’s only later
That I realize the truth
That He was there
Even during my youth

As now I grow older
White haired, wrinkled face
I can look back up
And thank Him for His Grace

Re-do of the Dungeon Prompt: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?