Good Neighbor

The girl in the hall
Alone and feeling small
You greet with a smile
Like you’ve known her a while

The woman at church
Pale and shaking with a lurch
Haven’t seen her all week
Because of the fear that she’s weak

The mother at the store
Children crying, her arms sore
You try to help them smile
Knowing it will stop the tears for a while

The boy lost in the world
Where everything’s a whirl
Not knowing where to turn
To ease the pain, the burn

The teen glaring at the book
Unsure of where to look
To find the help needed
To work the problem without concedin’

The older man sitting alone
Left behind by those once known
Years weighing down, down, down
No one left to flip his frown

Who is my neighbor
They asked with a sneer
Asking the Man whose labor
Would bring them to God, near

Those who you’d help
Would be those who yelp
Whether quietly and still
Or loud and with will

For though we are strangers
In life there are many dangers
So together we must walk
Help others and not balk

For more than once, I know
We’ll all need a neighbor in tow
To reach out a shaking hand
Not sure of where we stand

But hold out a hand they do
Knowing that we need help, too
So our neighbor they will be
For they heard, “Help me.”

This was inspired not by any one event, but several that I have had, seen, or read about throughout my life.

Hunting Season is Year-Round

Searching high and low
Where they’d turn up
No one would know…
Only time would tell
Just where they’d be
And where they’d fell
The hunt was on!

For some reason, my niece and nephews don’t know how to mate socks and put them in the laundry hamper when they take them off. Seriously, other people need to use those things too!

Also, I can’t wash them if I don’t know where they are…

Walking the Road

Sometimes I go walking
All out by myself
Except with another
To walk the road shelf

Together we walk
All alone in our thoughts
Wind brushing by
Blowing ‘way imagined faults

In this instance we’re tall
Standing high in the sky
Doubts falling away
Smiles gracing this ride

For though I’m alone
I’m really with another
Walking right through
Life’s confusing weather

But at times I look back
And only see one track
And then I start to wonder
Just what I lack

For now I walk alone
Without my friend
Walking all alone
Not even seeing the end

But really He was there
Not walking beside me
Holding me up
To see what I will be

But I’m just so tired
So wanting my rest
That I forget He is there
Helping me be my best

It’s only later
That I realize the truth
That He was there
Even during my youth

As now I grow older
White haired, wrinkled face
I can look back up
And thank Him for His Grace

Re-do of the Dungeon Prompt: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?

Answer at the Till

What would it be like to walk away
To leave all that you have
Taking nothing with you
Save the clothes on your back

What would it be like to leave
Without saying goodbye
Vanishing in the night
No letter left behind

What would it be like to cry
Watching all you love
Get washed away
No stone left of the foundation

What would it be like to give up
All that makes me, me
Let go of my breath
Memory all that’s left behind

What would it be like to die
To leave all that you know
Entering a world you don’t
Except when you realize

You do

What would it be like to see others
You’d barely known in life
Chatting and visiting
Seeing them again

What would it be like to know
You gave it your best
Your life not just for show
The body gave in first

What would it be like to smile
Hands clasped together again
Long-lost best friend
By your side again

But only if you kept true to your word.

The Spirit was willing,
But the Body was weak,
Or what if the Body was willing,
But the Spirit was weak?

Only you can answer at the till.

Dragon Guilt

Guilt is the thing that lets you know

Just how far from the path you go

That you’ve wandered far and near

Letting go of what you hold dear


It’s a sign of when to turn back

So that your happiness you won’t lack

So turn back once you feel

Like off your skin you want to peel


Just like the boy who turned into a dragon

You find you really want to be on the wagon

Huddling close to family and friends

Knowing that with them you want to find an end

Little poem inspired by Eustace Scrubb from Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and the trouble he gets himself into. Also by the revisit of Dungeon Prompt: Guilt – Illuminating or Engulfing the Darkness.

Through A Glass Darkly

Listen to who you were as a child

Only keep in mind you did not understand

Or fully comprehend the world

Kept in the innocence of your mind


But as an adult, now you see

And even understand the pain

Care must be taken when looking again

Keep in mind that you are now changed


Ever look back on who your heroes were as a child? Not the heroes that actually lived and/or breathed (or still live), but the imaginary ones that only existed on the screen or in a book. Sometimes you look back and you have to reevaluate if you even knew who they were in the first place, much less why they were chosen at all.

Not In Control

Have you ever stopped to think

Or taken a moment to ponder

Maybe realizing that you live

Ever on someone else’s wonder

Left by yourself you wouldn’t have

Even so small as a box to live in

So keep in mind there’s more than just you

Seeking out for others to give to


Some of us would have no home save for the family that takes us in. We must remember to not complain, then, when things don’t go the way we want them to.

Life doesn’t really go as planned, and, in fact, I believe that life likes to laugh especially hard at those who think they are in control.

Sticks and Stones

Useless though they call me

Not caring for my tears

Scathing words they hurl

Can’t stop the laughter in my ears

Are all others truly like this?

Taking what they can without any thought?

Hatred spewed out to bring them their bliss

Even as closed I keep my own mouth

Does it truly bring you what you wish?


Words can do far more damage than many think. When bullied through a force other than physical, you do not come away unscathed.

Empty Victory

How far would you go
To see the light of day
To cast out those
Who would destroy the way?
Would you lose all
To gain back a few
not Deciding what to keep
Just to enjoy the view?
What is is worth
To lose all you have
If only to compromise
And cut yourself in half?
Then when you stand
And see what you have wrought
Knowing that you have given
Away all won by those who fought
Will you be happy
With what you have done
knowing the price of victory
Is as empty as they come?
For you have forsaken
All that you once had
To have for just a moment
Those with which you were mad.
Wisdom is only gained
When you have finally learned
The lesson that you worked
So very hard to earn.
And moved forward
And never again forget
That there will always be a price
For that which you will get.
But only if you remember
That lesson found so hard
And kept it in your heart
To never once be tarred.
For time does not cause
Us to forget the lesson
Only disuse can do so
And cause the effects to lessen.
So practice that knowledge
Keep it bright and shiny new
So that you will not forget
What has made you, you.
Then your mouth won’t taste of ash
And you won’t be left with nothing
Having brought substance
To the victory that once was wanting.