Typical Saturday Morning

I sit here at home and listen to the sound of children as they move about the house. They argue and talk and whine and run about. Cars are banged on, piggy banks are dumped out and all the coins are counted fiercely. One child begs to have a turn on the computer, but he needs someone to log him in. Another refuses to move from their bed, but at least got dressed. The last insists on brushing her hair in the dark in a walk-in closet because she finally knows her way around everything on the floor.

Soon they will start their household chores before running off to the library and spending a day amongst the shelves of computer screens. They will read and wonder and draw and look up things about Minecraft and a million other things before their time runs out.

They will trudge home under a cold, clear Autumn sky and rub their hands together to keep them warm. Once they reach the street they live on, they will bound forward with renewed energy and play with friends available before coming back inside and reading some more. Maybe they will cajole their way into more video game time or perhaps they will hole themselves up in a bedroom and fashion things from legos and other toys before beginning a grand adventure that crosses planets and oceans and the stars without ever leaving the room. Maybe they will draw some more and bring their creations out to hang upon the backdoor with light streaming through.

These children all around me will take random moments in time to stop and make sure that their grandmother and aunt are fine and are they sure they don’t need anything? Their mother is at work and will call to check in just in case because grandmother’s health is shaky and aunt’s memories like to retrograde at random moments. Still, all are welcome within the small home that houses six and two cats.

Of all the things I am grateful for the health and happiness of these children all around me is one the most paramount.

Written for FreeWriteFriday and posted a day late as usual for me. smiles