Silent Apocalypse

The world was a silent place. The wind would blow, the rain would fall and the snow would pile up, but it did so without stereo. Without even a whisper.

Was it always like this? Was there a time when it was different?

Nobody really knows.

In books and old magazines that are sometimes found, we read about the constant drumbeat that underscores all of life.

Yet how can such a thing ever have existed when no one alive can hear a thing? Is this some kind joke that our ancestors have played upon us?

(There are still writings that document the false apocalypse that was supposed to have been the destruction of the world. Whether it was supposed to come via infection, an evolution in the life cycle itself, by the mutation of a virus or even from a cure gone bad, we certainly have nothing that could be considered a zombie or one of the ‘infected’.)

There is no sound and no noise. Science has failed us in a way that we never suspected. It was always believed that science would prevail in all things.

We are baffled by this as science has always proven to be right in the end. Was not the Earth round? Was not the sun the center of the solar system? Were there not more planets and suns and solar systems out there in the universe?

We thought we knew everything.

No! We did know everything! Science was our religion for we needed nothing else.

So how could science fail us in this endeavor? No, this is nothing more than a cosmic joke that our ancestors have played upon us.

Sound is nothing more than a myth.

This was inspired by a combination of listening to a beautiful movie that dealt with a choir while watching the wind create a mighty ruckus outside, but was silenced by the thick window panes as well as from the Light and Shade Challenge prompt for this week.


Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…
–Hughes Mearns

Art is Created

The world around me
so intricate and pure.
I wonder how it was made?
The laws of science
the theories that we research,
Is this how it all began?
Something so simple
And yet so complex,
Surely this is not an accident?
There is too much in it,
Too much math and design.
Something so beautiful,
A work of art so divine.
Divine, yes that is it.
This world and this sky
And all that lies between and beyond
Must have been created
By One from on high.