Gone, But Not Forgotten – Thankful Thursday

So a year or so ago (possibly longer, my brain isn’t working), our dishwasher finally died. We weren’t able to replace it at the time, but that was fine. We all know how to wash dishes by hand (most of us…I suspect the kids washed things badly so they wouldn’t have that job, but the joke was on them! We just made them wash those things again.) But then we decided to renovate the kitchen. It wasn’t supposed to take this long (each time we think we’ve caught all the problems, three more seemingly sprout out of nothingness) because we had all the things figured out and such.

I’m positive that if inanimate objects could laugh, all the parts of our kitchen would have died without being able to breathe.

It’s now been a month since we had to disconnect the kitchen sink and I have found that I didn’t appreciate it anywhere near what I used to. Washing things in a smaller tub placed inside of our regular bathroom tub is a royal pain.

You just don’t know what you had until it’s been gone for a month and counting.

This was an unusual thought for this kind of post, but I couldn’t seem to focus on anything else. (Still have that cold that messes with my head…)

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To Be Human Again – Thankful Thursday

I thought about the different things that need to be done around the house (and out on the farm itself), but I was sick for most of December and then for the first week or so of January. I’m not sick anymore and I’ve mostly recovered from being sick (the recovery is always the worse because everything has to…I want to say reboot, but that’s not the right word. Renormalize? I don’t know.)

Anyway, so I’m grateful that I’m not sick and that I’m not tired from being sick and actually had the energy to clear off the table yesterday and make dinner (we’ve been living off ramen, because I was sick and then Julia was sick and then everyone but the youngest was sick…)

You don’t know just how much you miss being able to do anything other than read and stare off into space and occasionally write something until you can’t do it.

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