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Realization in Darkness

That moment when seen A too cold and tired bean Tomorrow’s early So I just realized that I posted the Wednesday post a whole day early on accident. This is what happens when you’re sick and also trying to pack … Continue reading

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No One Can See Me Now! – Wordless Wednesday

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Guessing Game

So here I am again… Can’t seem to Kick this thing. Guess how my week has been. Every time I think I’m not sick anymore, I am proven wrong… Ah well, at least I’m starting to have days with energy even … Continue reading

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(*coughs*) – Thankful Thursday

Cough drops, today I am really grateful for cough drops. Gonna go sleep now. Check out the original Thankful Thursday.

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To Be Human Again – Thankful Thursday

I thought about the different things that need to be done around the house (and out on the farm itself), but I was sick for most of December and then for the first week or so of January. I’m not … Continue reading

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Things Change…Thank Goodness – Thankful Thursday

When I was little (or younger than a teenager), I could not use cough drops at all. They did the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do and caused me to cough horribly and almost choke on the … Continue reading

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Shattered Pieces – One-Liner Wednesday

“Just because a person doesn’t break doesn’t mean life should keep testing them to make sure.” This is from a fanfiction I read this morning. (Yes, I like to read those and I’m just tired and sick enough to actually … Continue reading

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